Buy a bike

Buying a new bike should be as easy as walking onto the local dealer, having a haggle and shaking hands, right? Well, maybe not any more. You might buy online from somewhere at the other end of the country.

 If you do, then you have to factor in getting the bike to you. And the best way isn’t always to ride it home. Get a quote to have the bike picked up and delivered to you. You’ll save on flights, ferry tickets, accommodation, fuel, meals and tyre wear, and avoid a long trip on a bike you’re not familiar with.

Buying secondhand

If buying secondhand make sure you or a mate are well versed in what to look for mechanically. Check the bike over from end to end. Factor in a service and inspection with a trusted local bike mechanic. Even small faults can have big (and dangerous) consequences. And make sure you check the paperwork: WoF, Rego, VIN and Certificate of Ownership should all match up. Drill holes in bolt heads and sump plug? Well used but fairings, mirrors and seat look like new? It’s been raced, and therefore probably crashed a few times. It’s not necessarily a no-no, but be aware of what you are buying.

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