Performance parts

Whether it’s an aftermarket exhaust or a set of braided brake lines, the right performance parts can enhance the whole experience of riding. Though it always pays to be able to return the bike to standard when you sell (taste is a very individual matter). Always be sure parts are properly fitted. You can’t beat getting it done professionally.


An aftermarket exhaust, whether a system or clip-on can, is the modification most likely to be made to any motorcycle worldwide. Reasons include the sound, the weight saving over standard, potentially better throttle response and more power. For road use, getting more power out of a litre sportsbike isn’t exactly essential. But it’s nice to have on track. And a fruity exhaust note and less weight can make your bike nicer to ride.

Gaining that extra power and nicer throttle response however usually involves a ECU override or remap, and a dyno session. Just be sure your bike will pass noise tests at the WoF or at certain track day venues. It will also keep the neighbours sweet.

Adjustable ECUs

Getting the most out of an aftermarket exhaust requires adjusting the bike’s fueling or carburation to suit. An aftermarket ECU ‘override’ or piggy-back system, lets you do this but you’ll need to search out a workshop with a bike-compatible dynamometer. Even without changing the exhaust, an aftermarket ECU can allow fine tuning of engine response. If your optional exhaust is supplied by the manufacturer, they will be able to download and install the correct fuel map at your dealership. Sometimes this map will also be a perfectly good match for another make of performance pipe.


The suspension on today’s machines is usually excellent, but top-line specialist suspension units are the ultimate. Get them fitted professionally and you should get some set-up advice thrown in.


Modern frames don’t need things like aftermarket swing arms. The main accessory choices include steering dampers, rear sets and carbon fibre parts such as huggers or engine guards. Professional fitting avoids a lot of fiddly work. All it takes is a bit of careless drilling and you could ruin a part or install it insecurely.

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