It’s a finely crafted, highly tuned piece of precision engineering that you’ve spent good money on. And your life depends on it. So it makes sense to look after your machine well.

With a unified engine/gearbox, most modern four-stroke motorcycles use the same oil to lubricate a high-revving, high-temperature engine and the closely-meshed cogs and clutch of the transmission. It’s a tough job, so checking, topping up and replacing your oil on schedule should be a top priority. We recommend you:

  • check engine oil level every week or 500km
  • at the same time, have a good look at its colour and run some off the dipstick between your fingers. If it’s black or the oil doesn’t feel silky smooth, replace it and the filter
  • treat the manufacturer’s recommended oil change intervals as a maximum. You’ll do no harm, and potentially a lot of good, by changing more frequently.

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