It’s a finely crafted, highly tuned piece of precision engineering that you’ve spent good money on. So it makes sense to look after your machine well – your life depends on it


Your tyres are critical to your bike’s performance so make sure you do the basics.

Give the tyres a visual inspection before every ride for signs of cuts, distortion or embedded nails, sharp stones or glass.

  • Memorise the manufacturer’s recommended tyre pressures for front and rear, and check them every week
  • Use the same tyre pressure gauge every time you check the pressure
  • Worn tyres puncture more easily. Replace them well before the legal minimum tread depth of 1.5mm. Wet grip will be compromised before you get that low
  • If a nail penetrates the tyre but it hasn’t deflated, don’t pull it out. Use wire snips to cut it off just under flush and get it straight to the tyre shop for repair or replacement
  • Tyre repair kits are available to buy. Being able to repair a puncture at the roadside can be a lifesaver if you’re in the middle of nowhere.


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