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Meet your MAM 2021 ambassadors

Our ambassadors help to raise awareness of the importance of motorcycle safety

Meet who we've got on board for MAM 2021:

Andrew Stroud

 Andrew Stroud with his bike

Andrew Stroud started motorcycle racing in 1986 and soon after embarked on a successful international racing career that spanned over three decades. In 1995 he had the privilege of riding the iconic NZ built Britten V1000 to a World Series victory. Other highlights include:

  • nine times NZ Superbike champion
  • two times American national champion
  • four times winner on the high banking at Daytona USA.

He was married to Karyn in 1997 and now two (of their ten) children have gone on to win some national championships of their own. 

Nowadays Andrew is happy to promote motorcycle safety and says that it was an intense focus to 'stay on' that helped him safety cross the finish line over fifteen hundred times.   

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 Avalon Biddle 

Avalon Biddle with her bike

Avalon Biddle is a motorcycle road racer. In 2018 she came third in the New Zealand Supersport 600cc Championship. She has raced motorcycles since she was six years old, starting out in mini motocross and starting road racing when she turned 13. She made it to the very elite level of the sport winning two European Women’s Championships and one New Zealand title. Avalon is currently racing the MTF Finance Kawasaki ZX6r in the New Zealand Supersport 600cc championship. Alongside this, she works fulltime in marketing for a motorsport orientated company and keeps extra busy with physical training and some Sky Sport TV appearances.

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Dr Chris Hurren

Dr Chris Hurren with his bikeDr Chris Hurren is the scientist in charge of the laboratory that undertakes testing of motorcycle gear for MotoCAP. Chris works for Deakin University in Australia and conducts research in the area of protective motorcycle clothing. 

Chris does research in many areas of textiles with an emphasis on physical problems. His research has won him a number of awards including a H&M Foundation Global Change Award in 2017 for his work on recycling colour from used denim jeans; and a National Innovation Award at the Land Forces Conference in 2018 for a textile based medical diagnostic device.

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Dave Moss

Dave Moss with his bike in his gear

Dave Moss has been on a personal mission since 1995 to save a life within the global motorcycling community every day. He travels the world giving in person classes and leverages technology to guide web users through DMT’s online resources on the website, YouTube Channel, Facebook business page and Instagram.

Through his “Pay It Forward” mantra, Dave empowers riders who experience his in person and online classes to go out into their local community and give more reach to his personal mission at the grass roots level via conversations, tape measures and tools. By fostering community involvement, several riders have started home business to support their community.

Dirt, road, touring, sport bikes, track or race doesn’t matter. Decades of knowledge shared are instantly usable via simple steps all can take to start their journey in making their motorcycle right for them. Dave recognizes our human differences and incredible uniqueness as an individual, to ensure motorcycle and rider are perfectly paired together for anatomy and skills as well as ability. 

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Jay Reeve

Jay Reeve with two thumbs up

Jay Reeve is notorious for his cheeky grin and wicked sense of humour. Arguably one of NZ’s most popular and irreverent multi-media broadcasters, Jay is also a prolific MC and accidental influencer. Jay hosted the country’s number one drive show on ZM with Flynny until early 2015, when he made the shift to Radio Hauraki Breakfast. Now he holds the coveted hosting slot on The Rock Drive, with good friend Duncan Heyde.

"My passion for bikes started on the dairy farm where we grew up on. You feel absolute freedom when riding."

 Listen to Jay on The Rock Drive from 3-7pm on weekdays.


Ray Heron


Ray HeronRay Heron is a motorcycle mad content creator. He has been riding for the past 15 years, both dirt and road bikes.
As a host of Kiwi Rider Podcast, he is privileged to get to ride all manner of motorcycles all over the country. His daily rider is a Yamaha Tenere 700. Even though Ray covers 40-60,000km per year on a motorcycle, he makes it a priority to book into at least one Ride Forever course each year.