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Overview of MAM

Make the most of Motorcycle Awareness Month

The Ride Forever team at ACC has championed the cause of motorcycle awareness for a good few years now. Activity is usually focused on the month of September, because it’s when so many riders get their machines back on the road after a winter lay-off. So it’s a chance to celebrate the start of a new riding season and get in the groove.

Even though COVID-19 has shifted it to October this year, here’s what to expect from Motorcycle Awareness Month 2021.

Win prizes

A regular part of MAM is a ‘Facebook frame’ competition, like the post and tag a friend and be in to win some sweet prizes. Check out the Ride Forever Facebook page for this year's frame, try your luck and look out for more prizes!

Ride Forever Facebook page 

Good advice

We always aim to give riders good advice on everything from technology and riding skills to maintenance and protective gear. During MAM these topics become a huge focus. So keep your eyes peeled for new articles on this website and other initiatives at events.

Ride Forever news and reviews

Great reads

Our website and Facebook page will be the places to go to read what the MAM ambassadors have to say, as well as stories from everyday riders who’ve had some extraordinary riding experiences.

Find out more about the MAM ambassadors

Top training

There’s no better time to take a Ride Forever course than right at the start of the riding season. It will sharpen any rusty skills and give you new ones to get the most out of your riding all summer long. Over 25,000 riders have taken Ride Forever courses and 90% of riders say that they’ve seen their skills improve as a direct result. 

These courses are not only a great day out, but have proven to reduce the chance of crashing and making a motorcycle-related ACC claim by 27%.