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Win prizes

Be in to win some great prizes this Motorcycle Awareness Month

This year you can win a few prizes through the Ride Forever Facebook page, including:

The ‘Facebook frame’ competition, all you need to do is add the MAM Facebook frame to your profile picture to be in the draw.
A chance for you to share your first ride out of lockdown and what you loved about it.
The chance to be in to win a $500 voucher to either upgrade your bike, buy a new one or upgrade your gear – your choice! – when you complete a Ride Forever course in October or November.
The chance to win a couple of vouchers when you complete two short quizzes. We want to make sure you're taking in all of our MAM ambassadors great advice!
Check out the Ride Forever Facebook page for more info on the prizes available this year and try your luck!

Ride Forever Facebook page