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About the Motorcycle Safety Strategy

We’re investing the Motorcycle Safety levy through the NZ Motorcycle Safety Strategy (MSS). This is about taking an evidence-led approach to investing in things that help protect riders.

Focus areas of the Strategy

Human factors

Address driver and rider attitudes and behaviours that contribute to crashes through targeted communications for at-risk groups. Bringing to life the moment of truth – lessons learned.

Personal protective equipment

Increase the uptake of equipment that protects riders from injury by helping to provide better consumer information.

Vehicle technology

Encourage the use of technologies that make riders safer with a specific focus on increasing the uptake of anti-lock braking systems (ABS) on motorcycles.

Rider skills

Enable riders to reduce their chance of crashing by increasing the availability and uptake of Ride Forever coaching.

Roads and roadsides

Work with road controlling authorities to improve road design and maintenance with specific focus on helping to make high-risk routes more motorcycle friendly.

Desired outcome of the Strategy


The vision of the Strategy is that motorcycle and scooter riding are increasingly safe and sustainable travel choices.

Final outcomes

The final outcomes of the Strategy:

  • Reduce fatalities
  • Reduce severity of injuries

Achieving outcomes

We will achieve outcomes by ensuring that:

  • more riders are upskilled through Ride Forever
  • riders and drivers better understand the causes of motorcycle crashes and actions they can take to reduce the risk of injury
  • riders better understand the benefits of safety technology and are more likely to purchase motorcycles with improved safety features
  • more riders are wearing better personal protective equipment
  • roads are increasingly designed and maintained to improve motorcycle safety.

Who will do this

  • ACC and the Motorcycle Advisory Council (MSAC) will take an evidence-based approach to programmes.
  • ACC will use communications to support and promote the initiatives and ensure they are readily available to motorcyclists.
  • ACC will partner with road safety partners and the motorcycle sector to deliver our programmes and help validate the outcomes.
  • MSAC will engage with motorcyclists to promote safety and understand community perspectives.

Download and print the Motorcycle Safety Strategy illustration page