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About the Motorcycle Advisory Council

MSAC’s role is to make sure ACC invests the Motorcycle Safety Levy in initiatives that will make riding on New Zealand roads safer and to align with the Motorcycle Safety Strategy.

The Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council (MSAC) was established in 2011 by the then Minister for ACC. The Council operates independently from ACC.

MSAC’s purpose

The Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council (the Council) exists to provide independent assurance to the Minister for ACC and motorcycle communities, that ACC: 

  • Has developed, is maintaining, and is executing a motorcycle safety strategy to reduce the volume and severity of motorcycle injuries.
  • Is employing proven processes, systems and, procedures to ensure:
    • the voice of the motorcycle communities is integrated into its Motorcycle Safety Strategy
    • the motorcycle communities understand its Motorcycle Safety Strategy, how the Motorcycle Safety Levy (MSL) is invested within the strategy, and what results are being achieved.
  • Is fully investing the Motorcycle Safety Levy in accordance with the ACC Act and the Motorcycle Safety Strategy.
  • Is successfully reducing the volume and severity of motorcycle injuries.
  • Is proactively working across Government to reduce the volume and severity of motorcycle injuries and integrate its Motorcycle Safety Strategy in any whole of government road safety strategy. 

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MSAC members

Council members:

  • Colin McGregor – Chair
  • Garry Williams – Deputy Chair
  • Fale (Andrew) Lesa JP – Member
  • Alan Petrie – Member
  • Maarama Davis – Member 
  • David Golightly – Member

MSAC’s role

The Council’s primary role is to provide assurance to Government and motorcycle communities that ACC is effectively investing the MSL:

  • Into a strategy and programmes that reduce the volume and severity of motorcycle injuries.
  • In accordance with the ACC Act.

Specifically, the Council will provide independent assurance to the Minister that ACC:

  • Has a Motorcycle Safety Strategy in place.
  • Is ensuring the voice of the motorcycle communities is being integrated into the Motorcycle Safety Strategy.
  • Is ensuring the motorcycle communities understand ACC’s Motorcycle Safety Strategy and:
    • how the MSL is invested within the Motorcycle Safety Strategy and what results are being achieved.
    • The cumulative value of the MSL collected to date, what percentage of the MSL has been invested and in what programmes the MSL has been invested.
    • How ACC’s Motorcycle Safety Strategy programmes are performing in relation to forecast outcomes and ACC’s Injury Prevention targets; specifically:
      • Reduced fatalities and serious injuries
      • Claims reductions
      • Return on Investment.
    • How ACC’s Motorcycle Safety Strategy:
      • aligns with any wider Government road safety strategy
      • encourages other Government agencies to support reducing the volume and severity of motorcycle injuries. 

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MSAC’s Terms of Reference

MSAC’s Terms of Reference outline the Council’s purpose, role, activities, membership, skills, and support and reporting mechanisms.

Read the MSAC Terms of Reference 

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