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A Scooter video that’s worth watching

By Mario

Theres some timely advice on keeping yourself covered in this cheeky film titled ‘As good as naked’.

The new video from Scooter Survival uses a nude rider with painted-on vest and shorts to make the point that without clothing that covers all your body, you are ‘as good as naked’ if you come off.

Watch it on Facebook here, or on Youtube here.

It’s not just a problem confined to scooter riders, however. As the weather warms up, the number of motorcycle riders failing to wear adequate gear increases too. All too often it (literally) ends in tears. Not to mention disfigurement or worse. For a salutary lesson on the subject, listen to Brittany Morrow’s story.

For sound advice on choosing and using gear, see this checklist and check out our series of ‘Gear Up’ articles for an in-depth look. Like this one on Kevlar jeans.