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Auckland’s first Shiny Side Up event draws the crowds

By Mario

The Shiny Side Up Bike Fest had an inaugural Auckland show, and despite a weekend packed with alternative events, proved hugely popular.

The Ride Forever team was out in force at the Trusts Arena in Henderson over Waitangi weekend, giving Aucklanders the chance to experience Shiny Side Up. The glorious weather meant all the outdoor activities ran like clockwork, accompanied by displays and speakers inside the Arena hall. As usual, suspension wizard Dave Moss was swamped by a constant succession of riders volunteering their bikes for him to demonstrate on. Dave has a packed schedule in New Zealand, so it was a real honour to have him attending. And those riders who had their machines fettled were awe-struck at the difference it made.  

Dave Moss disculssing motorbike suspenstion at the Shiny Side Up event.

Here's Dave talking about 'bike suspension with an interested group of riders.

Our other great friend from overseas, Brittany Morrow, delivered morning and afternoon presentations on the results of her crash, and the difference the right gear can make. Plus we had talks from some of the top Ride Forever instructors, with teams from Pro Rider and Passmasters in attendance, signing up riders for coaching. 

Brittany Morrow making a presentation to an audience at the Shiny Side Up event.

Brittany tallking about her terrible crash and the importance of wearing the right safety gear when you're riding.

Pro Rider team signing team signing up people for Ride Forever coaching.

The Pro Rider stand talking with people about the benefits of Ride Forever coaching

Meantime, out in the sunshine, there was a full programme of riding displays to wow the crowds. There were timed gymkhana runs by local ace James Riley and riders from NZ Police, and Nick Kroeze of NZ Stunts managed to bust some incredible moves in a relatively tight arena, delivering a close-up view of the action.

James Riley racing around racing to get the best time in his gymkhana round.

Here's local ace James Riley tearing up the gymkhana.

Police motorcylist competing in the gymkhana.

Here's a member of the local constabulary tearing up the gymkhana course.

Nick Kroeze of NZ Stunts pops a wheelie while standing up no his 'bike.

Nick Kroeze of NZ Stunts pops a wheelie while standing up no his 'bike.

Nick Kroeze of NZ Stunts performing another crazy manoeuvre on his 'bike.

Sitting on the handlebars wheelie – stunt awesomeness from Nick Kroeze of NZ.

The feedback from riders has been great, so it looks as though Shiny Side Up is set to become a regular feature of the Auckland summer. Meanwhile, check out some of the shiny bikes that made it to the event: