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Cruiser-specific courses on offer, plus a chance to win $1,500 of motorcycle gear!

By Mario

If you ride a Cruiser, now is the time to book in some Ride Forever coaching, with specific courses available right around the country and a fantastic prize draw.

As the largest single category of motorcycles sold in New Zealand, you'd expect plenty of Cruisers to show up at Ride Forever training. But, despite accounting for 23% of all fatal motorcycle crashes, the numbers of Cruiser riders taking coaching is significantly under what you might expect.

A bit of research revealed one obstacle is how Cruiser riders thought the training would be orientated. Many were of the view that it would be designed around sports bikes or nakeds, and that the different dynamics of a Cruiser wouldn't fit into the training regime.

In fact, several of the Ride Forever training providers are happily putting together all-Cruiser days, including the instructors themselves riding the same machines.

To really seal the deal and hopefully get more Cruiser riders along, Ride Forever is promoting dedicated Cruiser courses right through April with an added incentive of a $1,500 gear voucher as a prize for one lucky rider when you attend a course by 30 April.

Cruiser-specific courses are being run all over the country and at all levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Instructors will be riding Cruisers too, and the courses will focus on the subtly different dynamics of these machines with their low centre of gravity, longer wheelbase and raked front end.

As always, you can be sure you're not going to get lost in a mass of riders: group sizes are limited to six and usually fewer.

So if you, or someone you know, has a Cruiser and has been reluctant to take coaching, the time is now right. Especially with that draw for a $1,500 riding gear voucher!

Book yourself on a cruiser course now. The links below will bring you to the cruiser course booking pages for each provider. 

Full terms and conditions of entry to the $1,500 voucher draw are here.