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Burt Munro Challenge 2013

By Mario

Congratulations to all the competitors who take part in the races during the Burt Munro Challenge. It was an exciting few days of racing.

The Ride Forever team had a presence at nearly every event and enjoyed being able to talk to riders about training, bikes, gear and more. 

One member of the team was able to attend every event that Ride Forever had a presence at and has shared her time below.

Bluff Hill Climb

What a beautiful day!! Bluff sure put on some amazing weather for the first race of the event.  We were also lucky enough to have our tent right across from the NZ Classics Motorcycle Nelson van. They had some beautiful old bikes racing that day.  After lunch I got a chance to walk up the hill and see some of the racing up close.

For our first event of the weekend we were impressed with how many people stopped to talk to us. Many people had not heard of Ride Forever before but enjoyed talking to us about our website, newsletter and training. 

Burt Munro Challenge 2013

Burt Munro Challenge 2013

Oreti Beach Racing

Wind and Sand. Two things I won’t soon forget about that night. And watching Alan Kempster race around that sand was a major highlight. I didn’t get a chance to see him go up the hill but was watching with amazement at how he managed to keep control and balance. 

A new item we had this year was stand pucks. We gave these out to those who were parking on the beach, to save them having to dig their stand out later.

Unfortunately the wind kept us from staying for the full race but since the fence fell over that we were up against it was maybe a wise decision.

Teretonga Raceway

The weather really came out to party Saturday morning, rain, hail and wind. Unfortunately our tent was misplaced after the beach racing but as we ended up with a nice warm office we weren’t going to complain.

In fact having an office was great as many people who came to talk to us stayed longer as it was a great place to watch the racing from before the sun started shining. It was also clear how many people we had already talked to by the number of Ride Forever beanies we saw wandering around the inside of the race track.

Rally Site

The Rally site was a great set up. We loved having people come in from the cold and wind to chat to us about a bit of everything. The heaters on Saturday night sure helped warm people up, the constant supply of tea and coffee helped us keep going too. It was amazing to me how fast the time went at the Rally site. Hours flew by as more and more people came in to chat. It was such a great atmosphere and when the wind picked up it really got fun! I don’t think anyone was in the portaloos that fell over and thanks to everyone who helped us secure our marquee.

Ride Forever didn’t have an official presence at the Wyndham Street Races but the last two team members went along to watch the races and enjoy the amazing whitebait fritters. It was great to see all the people who participated in the toy run go around the track too.