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Cheap for a reason

By Mario

Buying from supposed bargain sites overseas can be tempting, but what you end up with isn't always up to snuff. When that's a $5 mp3 player, it's disappointing. When it's motorcycle gear, it can be deadly.

In recent years the international online shopping scene has boomed, with daily deal sites mushrooming alongside the likes of Amazon and eBay. And of course we always have our home-grown outlets including Trade Me. You can get some genuine bargains, for sure. But you don’t always know what you’re buying or, actually, from whom.

When it comes to buying motorcycle gear, it’s a route that’s plagued with hazards ranging from counterfeit goods to unseen damage, or just plain trash from an unknown brand.

The cynical and dangerous trade in fake motorcycle gear is something we’ve touched on before, including this segment from a BBC show called Fake Britain:

But it’s not just the UK that’s affected. With massive deal sites like Wish and Alibaba populated by millions of sellers, buyers can be tempted by what appears to be a ridiculous bargain. Only to find out the hard way they’ve been misled.

It’s not always easy to spot fakes, as this examination of counterfeit vs. genuine Alpinestars gloves shows:

And when a site offers a ‘motorcycle jacket’ for $10, you can see why people get drawn in:

High-performing motorcycle clothing can protect you from life-changing injury or even death. So choose carefully. At MotoCAP, more gear is tested every day with the results forming a huge bank of knowledge on exactly how well an item of clothing will protect you. Use it:

And when buying nothing beats going to your local dealerships, getting their advice and trying stuff on. How an item fits can make a world of difference to your protection in a crash. And you’ll know that what you buy is genuine.