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Conti launch their cornering ABS on BMW S1000XR

Earlier in 2014 Bosch launched Motorcycle Stability Control on the new KTM Adventure. Now compatriots Continental have launched a competitive system, debuting on BMW’s S1000XR

The coming of compulsory ABS in the European Union seems to have sparked a development war. Not content to simply plug in existing one- and two-channel anti-lock systems, European suppliers are working with the bike manufacturers to develop new technology. Specifically, they are engineering systems that can work effectively and safely while cornering.  A few years ago this might have seemed like a huge challenge. But with the application of motion, pitch, yaw and lean-angle sensors developed for Traction Control systems, ABS you can happily rely on in a corner is The New Black.

Or at least that’s what we’re being told. Having seen the Bosch system in action on the KTM, it does seem mightily impressive. Continental’s version - ‘optimized Curve Braking’ - looks conceptually similar, but it would be good to experience it for real.

The system will appear on BMW’s new S1000XR from (northern hemisphere) Spring 2015. You can read details here.