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Dainese launch D-air jacket with in-built airbag protection

By Mario

You can find airbags in top race leathers and in jackets that connect with the motorcycle. Now Dainese launch a jacket with a standalone in-built system.

Protection using airbag technology is now widespread in top-level racing. Suits by manufacturers like Dainese and Alpinestars incorporate their own sensors that detect the kind of movement experienced in a crash to instantly deploy the airbags.

For street riders seeking airbag protection, the choices have only gradually expanded. Sure, you can buy and wear a top race suit, but more road-orientated clothing has been thinner on the ground. Dainese developed their D-air® Street system, relying on sensors in the jacket and a specialised installation kit for the motorcycle. You could buy a Ducati Multistrada and bespoke jacket with the system preinstalled, but the paired-device approach had some obvious limitations. We reported a while back on Alpinestars’ Tech-airTM system, based on a complete vest that fits compatible A-stars jackets, and now Dainese have decided to offer a jacket with an in-built, standalone system.

It’s called the D-air® Misano 1000, the ‘1000’ referring to the number of protective D-air airbag deployments Dainese have recorded on their database. Six sensors, electronics and a GPS are all housed in the jacket’s back protector. No word yet on its availability in New Zealand, but the D-air Misano goes in sale in November in Europe.

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