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Do safety films work?

By Mario

Many of NZTA’s films have won awards internationally, and there are motorcycle safety campaigns worldwide. But do they really work, and which ones do we think are more effective?

The short answer is that they must, otherwise transport authorities wouldn't waste money on safety campaigns. After all, they research them heavily and study the data patterns.

As motorcyclists, we have a particular focus: both in terms of messages aimed at riders and messages aimed at other vehicle users about us. So, what works?

This is a very recent campaign from Transport for London, with a general audience:

You’ll notice at the end of the film a ‘Think!’ logo. This has an interesting story because it is a descendent of one the most memorable safety campaigns the UK has ever made: ‘Think once, think twice, think Bike!’ Click here to see it.

Along the way, the ‘Think Bike’ campaign has been updated many times and appropriated for a more general ‘Think!’ road safety message.

It’s not just the UK, of course. There are campaigns around the world.

From TAC in the State of Victoria.

From Vic Roads.

A vintage classic from California with Peter Fonda and Evel Knievel!

From France

So, what kind of approach do you think works? The ‘Respect the rules or you’ll end up ‘a little bit dead’’ style of the French, or the celebrity-endorsement style of California? Short ads or longer films? Aimed at riders or drivers, or both?

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