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Ever heard of Midual motorcycles? You will.

By Mario

Obscure French maker teases an all-new machine for launch at Pebble Beach Concours

Naming a French motorcycle manufacturer could catch a few out in a pub quiz. Some of us might grasp at custom frame artists like Moto Martin. But there are few who strive to make complete machines, including 1992-established Midual. The firm’s 900 Roadster,  planned around the first longitudinal flat-twin since the Douglas, looked interesting but never made it into series production.

It would be fair to say they haven’t set the world alight since, but they are promising to create a stir at the world famous Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on August 17th.

Their new ‘Type 1’ is being teased online prior to launch at the prestigious Californian auto event. And MotorcycleOnline in the USA have what they claim are actual patent drawings from Midual. Though the details on those drawing don’t seem to square with the details in the teaser. Either way, it looks damn sexy.

Together with the launch of the Ariel Ace and Hesketh 24, featured in our recent Brit Bike Revival article, it looks like well-heeled motorcyclists are becoming a popular target. No word on pricing yet, but the choice of Pebble Beach as a venue might be a clue.