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Fuel issue prompts recall of 2014 KTM 1290 Super Duke R

By Mario

KTM NZ confirms worldwide recall includes NZ-registered bikes; asks affected owners not to continue riding until fixed.

A worldwide recall is in place to track down some 2014 model year KTM 1290 Super Duke Rs, and KTM NZ has confirmed it does apply to bikes registered in NZ. The problem can affect the fuel overflow, resulting in small leaks, so owners are advised to take their bikes straight to their dealer for a free fix and not to continue riding in the meantime, for safety reasons.

Owners should receive a letter advising them of the issue, but if you are lucky enough to own a 2014 Super Duke R and haven’t received the letter, best get it booked in at your KTM dealership for a check.

Here’s the text from KTM:

“Due to deviations in the manufacturing process, the internal overflow pipe in some fuel tanks may not be completely enclosed by plastic. This overflow pipe is secured on the inside of the tank by two threaded inserts. Due to gaps in the plastic sheathing, the capillary effect can result in fuel penetrating the threaded inserts, which can lead to fuel leaking in small quantities. All affected owners in NZ are being sent a letter, requesting them to contact an authorised KTM dealer to carry out a check as soon as possible. The bikes should not be ridden in the meantime.”

KTM NZ contacting 1290 R owners over recall

KTM NZ contacting 1290 R owners over recall Photo: Mitterbauer H