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It's Motorcycle Awareness Month

This year marks the second Motorcycle Awareness month, which is an ACC initiative all about what motorcyclists and drivers can do to make our roads safer for riders.

Download the helmet and be in to win

The symbol of the awareness campaign is a bright yellow helmet, which helps to create visibility and remind all road users that ‘bikes are back’. 

September is when you’ll start to notice more fellow riders on the roads, as many of us get our bikes out after putting them away over winter.  Some of us ride all year long – either way you can show your support by sharing your own helmet photo. You’ll also go in the draw to win $500 worth of riding gear.

Here’s how get in the draw:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your Facebook account
  3. Go to Follow the steps in the app and share your image on Facebook
  4. Your image will include the link for others to do the same.

Brush up on your skills

Another way to do your bit is by brushing up on your skills, especially if your bike has been in the garage over the colder months.

Ride Forever Programme Manager, David Keilty, says spring is an excellent time for riders to fine-tune their skills.

“We’d like riders to refresh their skills by taking advantage of Ride Forever coaching, so they can enjoy riding right throughout the warmer months. The good news is that riders who complete a Ride Forever course are 27% less likely to submit a claim with ACC when compared to riders who haven’t completed a course. In fact, research shows that riders who completed a course in the past year were 45% less likely to submit a claim,” says Dave.

“In 2017, 45 motorcyclists lost their lives on the road and 7,372 motorcyclists received treatment and support from ACC. The total cost of motorcycle-related claims was more than $94 million, but the real cost is to the rider, their families and friends.”

Win with Ride Forever

Good news is, there’s also another $500 worth of gear up for grabs – just sign-up and complete a Ride Forever course this month to go in the draw.

Sign up here:

Motorcycle Awareness Month is supported by local councils, the Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council, and ACC’s Safer Journeys partners.

For more information, visit:

Motorcycle awareness