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Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council members reappointed

By Mario

Meet the three MSAC members who will continue to represent the voice of motorcyclists after reappointment by ACC Minister Nikki Kaye.

The Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council (MSAC) announced the reappointment of Janice Millman, Andrew Darrell and David Golightly earlier this month.

Each council member is described as a passionate and experienced motorcyclist who wants to keep working to reduce the number of motorcyclists injured and killed on New Zealand roads.

Meet the members

Janice Millman, reappointed MSAC member and her motorbike.

Janice and her motorcycle.

Janice has been motorcycling for more than 40 years. She is a member of the Women’s International Motorcycle Association (WIMA) and a past member of the UK Institute of Advanced Motorists. Her professional background is in organisational development, specialising in change management.

Andrew Darrell, reappointed MSAC member, and his motorcycle

Andrew and his motorcycle.

Andrew has been riding all of his life and motorcycling has been his primary form of transport. He has a keen interest in motorcycle research, with a professional background is in product development in the telecommunications industry. Andrew is a trustee of the Cashmere Club, which runs sports and community-based activities.

David Golightly, reappointed MSAC member, and his motorcycle.

David and his motorcycle.

David has been involved in motorcycle safety for more than 20 years and has strong networks among motorcycle dealerships, motorcycle riding instructors and motorcycle distributors. David also manages a very successful motorcycle insurance business which puts him in direct contact with more than 5,000 riders. David was the first motorcycle insurer in NZ to reduce motorcyclists’ premiums if they undertook training.

What MSAC do

You’ll know that as motorcyclists we all pay levies to cover our injuries as part of our annual motorcycle registration cost, but have you wondered what the $30 motorcycle safety levy (MSL) component was for? It’s for the Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council, who advise its use for initiatives that will make riding on New Zealand roads safer.