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Must-visit new website for riding the Lower North and Upper South

By Mario

New website launches containing priceless information for riders in the two regions.

If you’re contemplating a ride around the Lower North Island or the Top of the South, be sure to visit a new website called Ride NZ. Here’s a video about it, too.

It’s been put together by NZTA in collaboration with the Greater Wellington Regional Council with input from people who really know their stuff. The site contains really useful info on all the best riding routes in two broad areas stretching from Palmerston North to Cape Palliser, and Golden Bay to just south of the Clarence River.

 The routes are overlaid on Google Maps and, as well as good general information about riding in those two areas, you get really useful specifics about the route you choose. The details include where to fill up, scenic spots, local attractions (including where to grab a bite) and hazards to watch out for.

The knowledge is pure gold if you’re visiting and it looks like even locals might benefit from some of the tips. In fact, it would be great if this could cover the rest of the country. Check it out here. And be sure to give them feedback, especially if you'd like to see the same where you ride.