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New X-Spirit III from Shoei

The replacement for Shoei’s venerable X-Spirit II has been launched in Europe and is now positioned as a ‘pure racing helmet’

 Shoei’s range-topping, sports/racing-orientated X-Spirit II has been around since 2010, with few changes apart from colour schemes. Meantime, the more touring and road-biased ranges have gone through a few updates. So the appearance of the new X-Spirit III shouldn't be a surprise. It’s positioning, however, might be. In an introductory video featuring none other than Mr M. Marquez the helmet is explicitly referred to as a ‘pure racing helmet’. What that might mean in practice remains to be seen, as are details like weight (expect it to be a few grams lighter than the X-Spirit II), price (expect it to be trouser-troublingly expensive) and availability in New Zealand. Colour schemes at the moment are black, matt black and white, though we can be sure to see some replica colour schemes once a few racers get hold of them.

 Shoei New X-Sprint III