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Rash Decisions

By Mario

A pretty young girl wearing summer clothing comes off the pillion seat of a GSX-R750 at high speed. She slides over 160m up the road and is virtually skinned alive. What happens afterwards is extraordinary.

An unlocked helmet visor flipped up at speed and dragged Brittany Morrow off the back of a friend’s motorbike in 2005. The helmet itself saved her life. But a complete lack of other protective gear meant that life would change forever. She barely survived. Six hours of surgery, two months in hospital with her wounds constantly vacuumed and the skin on the only two places on her body which were untouched, endlessly harvested for skin grafts: the pain lived on in Brittany’s memory for years.

After an agonising recovery there was hardly a part of Brittany’s body untouched by scar tissue. So it would have been understandable if all she wanted to do was hide her scars and maybe hide away from the world. Instead, this young woman showed a level of courage and selflessness that now inspires people worldwide.

Brittany used her experience of the accident to show others what happens when you crash without proper protective gear. In her own phrase, she became The Queen of Road Rash, via social media and her own website,

Putting her injuries front and centre, Brittany campaigns tirelessly to encourage all riders to wear ‘All The Gear, All The Time’. She has teamed up with America’s Motorcycle Safety Foundation to spread the word, and her website is full of good advice on choosing and using riding gear–from someone who appreciates it more than most. Her style is never pushy or bitter. Rather, she’s a source of positive energy and encouragement on the decision to wear the right gear when you ride.

Check out Brittany’s story at the website and find her on Facebook.

 Some of Brittany's scars