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Ride On newsletter - May 2017

By Mario

Find out about buying winter gloves, new accident prevention technology, and more in this month's Ride On newsletter.

Blimey, we've seen some weather haven't we? Including bitter temperatures as far north as Auckland. So, in this issue of Ride On, we have a 'handy' reminder of what to look for when buying winter gloves. Plus we have some fascinating motorcycle-related stories including the results of a US State repealing its helmet law, updates on Avalon Biddle’s progress in WSS 300 and a new technology that could eliminate many car vs motorcycle crashes. Enjoy!

Keep your mitts warm and dry


Spoil yourself with a pair of REV'IT Alaskas!

One of the worst things about riding in cold weather is when it gets to your hands. It’s not just uncomfortable or even painful, it can be unsafe. Cold, numb hands lead to a loss of feeling and that’s not good for throttle or brake control. That's why you need a good pair of winter gloves. We already have some top advice from Mike at Holeshot in Auckland on our site abut buying winter gloves:

Gear up: Winter gloves

Digital shield to prevent car-motorcycle accidents?

Close up view of the Digital Shield sitting on a car's dashboard.

The 'digital protective shield' prototype. Smart technology designed to keep riders safe.

German technology giant Bosch has made some significant advances in motorcycle safety n recent years, including Motorcycle Stability Control or ‘cornering ABS’. So when they proclaim their most recent development could cut motorcycle accidents by a third, it’s worth taking seriously. Working with Ducati, Autotalks and Aussie company Cohda Wireless, the Germans have developed a system that allows vehicles to ‘talk’ to one another up to ten times per second. It makes use of the 5G network and it ‘leapfrogs’ ahead to identify and connect with vehicles a few hundred yards away. When a motorcycle nears a car, it can send a warning to the driver so they are aware of an approaching bike even when they can’t see it. Check it out the article on the FutureFive NZ tech website:

New 'digital protective shield' may prevent car vs motorcycle accidents

Don't miss that $50-off deal on Saint jeans

Close up of the Saint denim.

Great jeans at a great price.

Remember, Saint apparel is giving Ride On subscribers $50 off their normal prices on any pair of motorcycle jeans until 9 August 2017. Go to the Saint website, and enter the code NEWRIDERS when purchasing:

Saint website

Av gassing it in Europe


Avalon on her Ninja 300 (number 21) mixing it with a swarm of R3s at Assen.

Avalon Biddle had a great race at Assen in round two of the World Supersport 300 Championship, running as high as 16th before getting slipstreamed by three riders in the run up to the line. Still, 19th place out of 38 entrants was a pretty strong result. The next round, at Imola, was tougher with Av crossing the line in P29. Next up, Donington. Follow Av on her Facebook page as she races around the world:

Avalon Biddle Racing on Facebook

Surprise, surprise…

The State of Michigan repealed its universal compulsory helmet law in 2012, and guess what? Head injuries have more than doubled. A long-term study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery® reports that patients with motorcycle trauma as a result of riding without helmets more than doubled from 20 to 44 percent. A figure closely aligned with the increase in all types of cranial injury. Interestingly, those patients who'd ridden without helmets also sustained higher rates of other types of injury, and both before and after the change in legislation, un-helmeted riders had a higher blood alcohol content. Is there a Doctor Darwin in the house? 
Read the study 'The effects of motorcycle helmet legislation on craniomaxillofacial injuries'

R.I.P Nicky Hayden

Nicky Hayden and Avalon Biddle smiling together for a photograph.

Nicky and Av smile for a photo in the paddock at Imola.

2006 MotoGP World Champion and all-round nice guy Nicky Hayden passed away on May 22nd after being hit by a car while cycling in Italy. Nicky was preparing for the Imola World Superbike round. Av shared some inspiring words from the Kentucky Kid’s Twitter page: “Don’t throw in the towel, use it to wipe away the sweat & keep going.” Amen to that.

Our Karel in the news

Karel Pavich racing in a 250cc road-racing competition.

Karel back when she raced 250cc 'bikes.

In case you missed it, there was a great story recently on Karel Pavich of Pro-Rider, one of the Ride Forever training providers, by Paul Owen on the Stuff website:
Check out the article ‘Racer turned motorcycle safety champion’ on Stuff 

Until next time

We hope you enjoyed this edition of Ride On. Got some news you’d like to share, perhaps an event you’d like publicise? Then get in touch with us and be sure to check in for more news, articles and reviews plus details of the Ride Forever on-road coaching programme. We’ll be back in your inbox next time with more news and views from the two-wheeled world.
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