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Ride On Newsletter - February 2019

By Mario

Welcome to the February edition of Ride On!

Shiny Side Up has been on a roll this summer, and keeping a lot of the Ride Forever team busy riding around the country. You can read a bit more about it in the newsletter and we link to an article on the Kapiti Coast event on our website.

Plus we have some crucial advice on luggage, a look at an interesting US motorcycle show and an update on Ferg’s Bonneville Land Speed Record attempt. Hope you enjoy it.

Attendees check out a some of the niche bikes

Mama Tried Motorcycle Show

One of the great things about the US is the sheer scale it offers when it comes to specialist interests. Like motorcycling, for instance. Then, when you get into sub-divisions of that interest, only in America can you devote whole shows to them and get massive diversity among the exhibits. One example is the Mama Tried Motorcycle Show, covered below by Cycle World. Devoted to Customs of all shades plus vintage restorations, whether you’re a hardened chopper fan or a café custom aficionado you’ll find something to tickle your fancy.

Cycle World covers MTMS in Brewtown, Milwaukee

Fixed luggage on motorbikeNothing beats fixed luggage

Loose luggage spells danger

It was sad to read of a rider crashing and sustaining serious injuries on their way to the Burt Munro due to a sleeping bag getting trapped in the drivetrain. Loose luggage can be a serious danger, so let’s all remember to attach and tie down securely anything we carry. Bungee straps are useful things but they have two major drawbacks: they stretch, allowing luggage to move around, and ordinary round bungees can ‘roll’ along the surface of what they’re meant to be securing. One antidote to the latter is something we recently discovered when loading up to ride to the Shiny Side Up: Fat Straps. They are bungees but they’re flat rather than round, reducing the tendency for the strap to squirm and move about. You’ll find them at places like The Warehouse and Mitre 10. Just be sure anything you carry on your bike is held down fast and check its security at every stop. Better still, invest in some fixed luggage–it’s by far the safest option.

Fat Straps on New Zealand company Aerofast’s website 

Last chance to catch Shiny Side Up

The SSU Bike Fest events around the country have been huge. You can read about the Kapiti show by clicking the link below, but the response at every one of them has been amazing. Not just the many hundreds of riders who have registered for Ride Forever coaching–the attendance at all the presentations has been exceptional and there’s been so much interest in Dave Moss’s suspension prep workshops that sometimes people had to look in from outside the tent! The evening speaker series has proven a big success, too. There’s one last chance to see what it’s all about for yourself, if you’re attending the Mike Pero Motofest over the weekend of 2nd and 3rd March. See you there!

Full details at the Shiny Side Up website

Kapiti SSU Bike Fest

Mongolian rangers and their offroad bikes

Saving the planet, one motorcycle at a time

We all know motorcycles have a lot of environmental advantages over bigger vehicles, from lower fuel consumption to defeating congestion. But the bigger role they can play is highlighted in a story we found about Mongolian park rangers and the difference they are now making to wildlife and environmental protection. It’s all thanks to a project called Rally For Rangers. Observing the calamitous unreliability of the rangers’ ancient Russian and Chinese machines, former US National Park Ranger Robert McIntosh determined to do something about it. Robert and fellow ex-US Ranger Wes Thornberry ended up delivering 15 trail bikes to Mongolia, and their work continues. 

The story behind Rally For Rangers

Make a donation at the RFR website

Camel chaseYou’re nicked! Photo by Walid Ahmad from Pexels

Get your camel off the highway

There are some pretty bizarre road rules around the world, and we tend to think they are mostly arcane laws left in the statute book from bygone days. The USA, it turns out, has some doozies, many of which are more recent than you’d imagine. So, while in Nevada the ban on riding camels on the highway was enacted in the 1800s, amid their importation during a construction boom, others are newer. Hawaii, it seems, has just passed a law allowing motorcycles to ride in the shoulder lanes. Sometimes. Only nobody’s sure which times. And Oregon has just made it legal to eat roadkill, under certain conditions. Other bonkers rules revealed by Cycle World include a ban on hunting whales from your motorcycle in land-locked Tennessee. Better bone up to avoid a fine…

The regs you need to know, at Cycle World


Bonny getting close to Bonneville shape

It’s been a funny old summer regarding progress on Ferg Maynes’s Land Speed Record attempt Bonneville. Often, a case of ‘one step forward, two steps back’, but the bike is now very much in one piece with a complete engine, race loom, plumbed-in lambda sensor and much more besides. In fact, it should be running by the time you read this with running-in to follow then a dyno session. Keep in touch with developments on our website, in Bike Rider Magazine and on the team’s Facebook page.

 Bonny to Bonneville Facebook page

 Bike Rider Magazine

That’s a wrap till March

If you’re coming to Shiny Side Up at the Mike Pero Motofest, be sure to drop by and say hello. We have a load of great giveaways for you, and ask us about signing up for some Ride Forever coaching deals. Enjoy the rest of summer and we’ll catch up again next month. Take care.