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Ride On newsletter - August 2017

By Mario

In this issue read about Putin's secret motorcycle, printing your motorcycle, the New Zealand Motorcycle show and more...

Not been the best riding weather, has it? Particularly if you’re down south. But the good thing is, the law of averages and the relentless progress of the sun getting higher in the sky means better weather is likely round the corner. Meantime, to keep your enthusiasm for all things motorcycling fuelled we have a bunch of interesting stories, info on the Ride Forever Motorcycle Show 2017 and a HUGE promotion with a prize of $1,500 of riding gear!

Putin's secret motorcycle

The Russian leader seems rarely to be out of the news. One of the latest stories was an apparent gaffe by Vlad the Lad when he announced to some Mitsubishi Industries staff that he owned one of their motorbikes. By way of clarification, the Kremlin quickly followed up by saying President Putin actually meant he had a Kawasaki. Perhaps because Mitsubishi’s only real two-wheeler was the Silver Pigeon scooter range. Tough guy image? Not so much.

Salmon coloured Mitsubishi C-80 Silver Pigeon scooter

Is this Putin's secret Mitsubishi?

Go to MotoFire's story on Putin's 'Fake News Mitsi'

Take a Ride Forever course, be in to win $1,500 of riding gear!

If you’ve been waiting for the ‘right’ time to do a Ride Forever training course, this is it. The Ride Forever team is giving away a $1,500 voucher for riding gear to spend at the retailer of your choice. Just book onto and complete any Ride Forever course between the 17 July and the 31 August to automatically enter the prize draw.
Get coaching with Ride Forever—get a chance to win $1,500 of riding gear!

Print your own motorcycle

We spotted this little story in the Daily Mail, about a guy who decided to 3D print a replica of a CB500 Honda. The end result looks amazing—a work of art—but we can't help thinking he missed a trick by not printing an old Triumph or BSA. That way, he’d have created a British bike that doesn't leak oil.

3D full-size printed replica of a 1972 CB500 Honda

Jonathan Brand's 3D replica of a CB500 Honda

 Go to the Daily Mail article about the 3D printed Honda CB500 motorcycle

Ride Forever again sponsors NZ Motorcycle Show

 Logo for the 2017 Ride Forever Motorcycle Show

It was such a big hit last year, how could we not do it again? As title sponsors of the show we’ll have a big presence at Auckland’s ASB Showgrounds on 16 and 17 September, among all the major manufacturers and hundreds of classic and custom bikes vying for show awards. All visitors can register to win a gorgeous 350 Classic donated by Royal Enfield NZ and all proceeds go to great community causes thanks to the organisers, Papakura Rotary Club. We’ll have a few treats on our stand, too, so drop by and say hello!

How Pike’s Peak was nearly abandoned

It’s an iconic motorcycle event, but the ‘bike racing at Pike’s Peak came very close to being shut down in 2016 after the deaths of Bobby Goodin and Carl Sorensen in the previous two years. Aaron Brown of TheDrive has recently detailed the part played by Ducati in rescuing Pike’s Peak from oblivion. With the launch of their ‘Squadra Alpina’, competitors could benefit from help and advice from some of the most experienced Pike’s Peak racers around. Good coaching, as ever, saves lives.
Go to Aaron Brown's TheDrive article about Pike's Peak

Two riders racing at Pike's Peak

Riders can now get help and advice from experienced Pike's Peak racers

 BMW S 1000 XR review

Image of a rider on a BMW S 1000 XR motorcycle

The BMW S 1000 XR

We’ve had our hands on BMW’s rip-snorting S 1000 XR in the UK, for a road test and review. Does a 165bhp (121kW) Adventure bike even begin to make sense? 

The Ride Forever BMW S 1000 XR review

Answering your questions on Facebook

Have you caught up with our very own Dave Keilty’s video series on Facebook? It’s a must, because Dave tackles head-on many of the misunderstandings that are out there about everything from crash causes to where your rego levies go. Each episode starts with a short video, where Dave outlines the basic information related to the topic. Then, bravely, he attempts to answer people's questions or points of view in the comments section. Worth a visit for the epic trolling alone.

Image of ACC's Dave Keilty sitting on a motorcycle

ACC's Dave Keilty

Visit the Ride Forever Facebook page

Stay safe until next time

Take care on those cold, slippery roads. And, remember, if you want to boost your skills and confidence in challenging conditions, a Ride Forever on-road coaching session is the perfect answer. Especially with that $1,500 of riding gear prize on offer.
Ride Forever on-road coaching