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Ride On newsletter - February 2017

By Mario

News on some awards won by Bosch for technology that we previously featured, confirmation on the demise of Victory Motorcycles, and a look at some of the interesting things we’ve been posting about lately.

Well, for most of us, summer took its time arriving. But now we’re in the full throws of the hot weather it’s a great time to be on two wheels. In this round-up we’ve got news on some awards won by Bosch for technology that we previously featured, confirmation on the demise of Victory Motorcycles, a look at some of the interesting things we’ve been posting about lately, plus other news and views from the two-wheeled world.

Three CES innovation awards for Bosch

In our last newsletter we took a quick peek at Bosch’s new Connectivity Suite for motorcycles, launched at CES in Las Vegas. It seems it went down well with the organisers, as did their ‘Lean’ connectivity unit for small ‘bikes and scooters, grabbing three awards for innovation. The Lean unit is chiefly aimed at countries like India and Thailand, where there are huge numbers of scooters and a rising number of accidents. Linking to a smartphone, the unit can automatically alert emergency services if the rider falls off, or be activated manually from the left handlebar.
CES 2017 Innovation Awards for Bosch's motorcycle systems
Bosch motorcycle systems honored with three CES 2017 Innovation Awards

Close up of a scooter handlebar with the Lean safety solution.

The Lean connectivity unit for small ‘bikes and scooters.

Defeat for Victory

On 9 January Polaris Industries announced that it would immediately begin winding down Victory Motorcycles after 18 years on sale, concentrating on the newer but more successful Indian brand. A shame, none the less, because having road tested a few of Victory’s line-up over the years many proved themselves enjoyable, capable and characterful machines. There’s a good report on the reasons why Polaris Industries is ending production of Victory Motorcycles (and it's effect on Harley-Davidson) in this Motley Fool article:
Why Harley-Davidson can't benefit from Victory's demise

A medium close-up of a smiling Victory rider biking down the street.

Does this guy know Victory Motorcycles are being discontinued?

Ride Forever track training day

Once again proving the benefits of taking a Ride Forever course extend long beyond the day itself, Chris Smith of Passmasters recently organised a track-based training day at the Pukekohe Park Raceway for a group of riders who had achieved either Rider Forever Silver or Gold level. Many of the Ride Forever coaching providers lay on track days, and other specialised training too, so you can take your riding in the direction you want – and you'll be in expert hands. Ask your local provider to keep you posted on special events and courses.
Pukekohe track day for Gold and Silver level riders
Ride Forever Gold and Silver course information

NZ steel 'bike riders' circuit sighting for their Pukekohe track session.

Rider Forever instructor Chris from Passmasters guides bikers around the Pukekohe race track for their circuit sighting session.

A rider’s perspective

“I’ve never been to a riding class or school that was a waste of time or where I didn’t learn anything. Even top motorcycle racers like Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi all work with coaches on improving their skills between race seasons, what’s your excuse?” That’s a quote from David Bober's article 'So you want to be a better rider? Let’s talk motorcycle training', which is one of the best we’ve found on the value and joy of rider coaching:
So you want to be a better rider? Let’s talk motorcycle training

Beauty and the eye of the beholder


Mamim Burov's motorcycle concept for automaker's Koenigsegg

What is it with car designers trying to design motorcycles, or is it just us? A recent concept for Swedish automaker's Koenigsegg by its Russian designer Mamim Burov looks just like the Lotus C-01 from a few years back and is therefore just as polarising in its appearance. Road-going examples of the Lotus don't appear to be thick on the ground, so how will its Russo-Swedish emulator go?
Mamim Burov's motorcycle concept for automaker's Koenigsegg
C-01 Lotus motorcycle

Michelin Pilot Road 4 tyre review

Steeling yourself for a trip to the tyre shop for new hoops? Make sure you read my recent review of Michelin’s Pilot Road 4 tyre. The old Road 3s were some of our favourites, so the Road 4 had big ‘boots to fill’, so to speak.
Tyre review: Michelin's Pilot Road 4

Riding with a champion


Avalon Biddle in action.

Another reason to keep your eye on the news, articles and reviews section of the Ride Forever website is an upcoming article on Avalon Biddle's 'coaching day'. Subsequent to the announcement of her ride with a top Dutch team in World Supersport 300, the 2016 FIM European Women’s Cup Champion decided to finally get her motorcycle licence. She undertook coaching with one of our top Ride Forever coaches and we went along for the day. 
Ride Forever news, articles and reviews section
Avalon Biddle gets World Supersport 300 ride with top Dutch team

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