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Ride On newsletter - May 2019

By Mario

We’re so lucky living where we are. Across a lot of the developed world, when autumn turns to winter a lot of people park their bikes in a corner of the garage awaiting the return of spring. There’s hardly anywhere like that in New Zealand, giving us the opportunity to enjoy riding year-round.

Winter does, however, tend to see slightly fewer riders book in for Ride Forever coaching. Meaning it’s a great time to do it: you’ll have more dates to choose from and likely be in a smaller group. So book now or, if you really are in a snowbound corner somewhere, sharpen up your knowledge with some online coaching. And enjoy this month’s Ride On–we have plenty to entertain you.

The Kawasaki ER-6n LAMS

Kawasaki ER-6n LAMS. Has there been a better time to start riding?

12 Reasons to Ride

Why do we ride motorcycles? As the ’12 Good Reasons to Ride a Motorcycle’ article at Ride Apart states, most of us would say something like ‘because it’s fun’. But in fact there are a host of reasons why motorcycles are so great, and we should celebrate them. In fact, here and in Australia we have an even better ‘Reason 12 - It’s the Best Time to Start’ because of our LAMS regulations. And in case you hadn’t caught up, we have some great reviews of LAMS bikes on the website.

Ride Apart's 12 Reasons to Ride article

Search for LAMS bikes in News and Reviews

Remember to claim your discounts

There are all sorts of discounts and reimbursements you can claim if you take a Ride Forever course, from insurance rebates to a cheaper WoF. We announced last month that we’d added a new page to the website, detailing them all, so be sure to check it out. And we’ll have some more good news on the benefits of taking Ride Forever coaching next month, too.

The essentials to get you going

The essentials to get you going

Breakdown service

The UK’s Motorcycle News recently published a useful guide to fault-finding in the case of roadside breakdowns. Especially useful because it focuses on the most likely causes for modern bikes, not the ‘Check your points/look for debris in the carburettor’ sort of stuff that looks more geared to a Matchless than a MT-10. Handy advice on tools to carry, too.

Read MCN's guide to roadside problems

The motaur ad

Half man, half motorcycle

Those wacky advertising people, eh? Check out this TV ad by Progressive Insurance in the USA, for those 'born to ride'.

Do you mind being a Motaur, from Progressive on YouTube

The 11th Quail Motorcycle Gathering

The 11th Quail Motorcycle Gathering

They sure know how to put on a swanky event, Stateside. The Quail–best known for their Motorsports Gathering, now in its 16th year–celebrated its 11th running this month, and the machinery on display was simply breathtaking. The two signatures of the event were the 100th anniversary of the Brough Superior and the 50th Anniversary of the Honda CB750. While there were plenty of exquisite examples of both on display, there were loads of others that would steal your heart, machines like a 1926 Douglas 4 1/4 and even an immaculate 1953 rigid-frame Triumph T100C.

Cycle World magazine's coverage of The Quail

 Adjustable seat by Honda

Honda patents

Sleuthing by ZigWheels, a motorcycle website from India, has unearthed a patent recently granted to Honda for an automatically-adjustable front end. It raises and lowers the bars and controls while doing the same with the front of the fairing. Ingenious, but there’s bound to be a weight penalty and it doesn’t seem to do anything about the footpegs. So switching your bike from Fireblade-aggressive to Gold Wing-comfy isn’t quite on the cards yet.

The ZigWheels website details Honda’s auto-adjustment patent

Look out for June's Ride On

There’s big news coming next month so be sure to look in your June Ride On newsletter. In the meantime don’t forget those discounts and reimbursements you can get when you book your Ride Forever coaching and checkout our Facebook page. Oh, and be sure to keep it shiny side up!