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Ride On newsletter – November 2017

By Mario

The latest news from the world of motorcycling.

Got your Christmas shopping done yet? Better get a wriggle on, because Santa has kicked over his Ural outfit and is loading up with pressies as we speak. So it's a good time to think about a few motorcycle-related gift suggestions to look forward to. Top of which, of course, would be a Ride Forever coaching course. Luckily, you've got until 18 December to take advantage of our Spring Promotion, meaning any course you book before then is free! Find out more in:
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In other news, we cover a flurry of new models from MV Agusta, two new bike reviews,introduce you to the Single Point of Truth and invite you to check out our website upgrades!

Our upgraded website

There's a fresh new look to our website along with easier navigation. Hopefully, it has made the experience better for anyone visiting and we’ve even changed the background colour on longer articles to white, which should make reading easier too. Good job, as we have a lot of new content online, including a couple of 'bike reviews…

BMW G 310 R and Triumph Street Triple S LAMS reviews

Learners really are spoilt for choice these days, and having the chance to road test and review two machines back to back from BMW and Triumph targeting learners provided an interesting perspective. The little BMW shaped up as a classy and endearing machine, and a perfect introduction to riding for a learner. The new Triumph – always the Rolls-Royce choice in the LAMS category – proved to be astonishingly fast, and probably better suited to competent riders navigating towards their road licence. Both LAMS compliant, but very, very different:
BMW G 310 R review
Triumph Street Triple 660 S review

Side view of the Triumph Street Triple 660 S

Triumph Street Triple 660 S

All the facts, in one place

Most riders tend to think they know a lot about motorcycling, and tell others, but in an era of social media, 'fake news' traveles faster than ever, and the real facts about motorcycling, accident rates etc. were held by different people in different places - NZTA, Ministry of Transport, ACC, NZ Police and so on.

No longer! MSAC and ACC have put together a 'Single Point of Truth' document, updated as necessary, that brings together all the important facts about riding in New Zealand. It includes motorcycle owner, accident rates and causes, which groups of riders and types of 'bike are most at risk: the whole gamut. Some of the info might surprise you.

Download the SPoT document here.

Single Point of Truth cover page

MV A-fluster

Not long ago, model launches from MV Agusta were few and far between, in keeping with its status as a niche manufacturer. But as the Italian marque heads more mainstream, its range has grown accordingly and the announcements come thick and fast. No less than five new models were announced earlier this month: the Brutale 800 RC, the Brutale Dragster 800 RC, the Brutale 800 RR Pirelli, and new F3s in 675 RC and 800 RC guises. All to coincide with EICMA, of course. Is it possible to have too much beauty?

MV Agusta RVS

MV Agusta RVS

Kiwi World Speed Record attempt

Our mate Ferg has been cracking on with preparing his standard 1970 Triumph Bonneville for an attempt at the 650cc pushrod production World Speed Record. The engine is out, and a bunch of trick valve-train components have arrived from the USA. The strip down begins:
Bonneville world record attempt - part two

Triumph T120R Bonneville motorcyle

Here's the Bonneville Ferg's using for his wold record attempt.

MV Agusta F3 800 motorcycle


EICMA, mentioned above in our MV Agusta story, was absolutely dripping with gorgeous new machinery, from a new Royal Enfield 650 twin to the launch of the Ducati Panigale V4. Unfortunately, the new Ducati proved more of a drawcard than their team could have hoped for when a top-of-the-range Speciale fell over on the stand.

The moment a Ducati Pinagale falls over at the EICMA 'bike show.

'It wasn't me!' says the lady.

Read more in Whoops! Someone Knocked Over One of the Most Expensive Superbikes in the World

Motorcyclist boards and stops runaway train

In what sounds like a stunt from the film Unstoppable, a motorcyclist in India managed to jump on board a runaway train and bring it to a halt after a 13km chase. Despite the ubiquity of smartphone video, nobody managed to grab footage of the drama, which would surely have secured the rider a career in Hollywood.
Read the story 'Train engine runs 13km without pilot, staff chases it down on motorcycle'

Coromandel Loop completion

As one of the favourite riding roads in the North Island, the Coromandel Loop has seen a lot of attention given to improving motorcycle safety along its route. The southern part of the loop has been open a while now and the north is now about to join it. NZTA has put up a handy web portal for riders with useful links and info covering everything from weather and traffic to places to stay. It is a long ride and, if you factor in getting there and back, it makes real sense to do an overnight on the peninsula. Check out our article:
Full Coromandel Loop safety measures almost complete
Coromandel Loop info on the New Zealand Transport Agency website

Stay Shiny Side Up

There’s still time to take advantage of free Ride Forever coaching and a free safety check of your bike at participating dealers.  Find out more in:
Get Ride-Ready with these two free offers!

With summer just around the corner, we’re also expanding Shiny Side Up with events in Waikato and Nelson region joining those in Auckland and Kapiti. Check out our Facebook page for updates and we’ll catch you next time.
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