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Ride On Newsletter - September 2020

We’re celebrating Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori (Māori language week) by incorporating some Māori kupu (words) into our kawerongo (newsletter), we hope you will join us in our efforts to support one of Aotearoa’s official languages - Kia Kaha Te Reo Māori (Let’s make the Māori language strong).

Koanga (Spring) has sprung and, normally, this would be Motopaika (Motorcycle) Awareness Month. But normality is thin on the ground at the moment, so MAM has been deferred until Whiringa-aa-nuku (October), just with more emphasis on media and digital than face-to-face events. Either way, early Koanga sees a gradual return to riding and longer trips so there will still be plenty to talk about next month. This month we feature a utilitarian two-wheel-drive midget bike from Russia, a new chain design that never needs oiling or adjusting, some wacky concept bikes and a whole lot more. We hope you enjoy it.

To the backroads, comrade

The Russians have a reputation for creating tough, simple, off-road machinery and this new Tarus 2X2 motorcycle looks like a chip off the old block. Designed to be easily dismantled and stored in a SUV’s boot, the manufacturers describe it as for “fans of hunting, tourism, travel and active recreations.” Powered by a 210cc engine capable of 35km/h, the Tarus is only available in Russia at the moment. Could be ideal to sling in the ute…

Read Boss Hunting Australia’s take on the Tarus

'I've always wanted to separate from boring people'

Janne Uskali bike

As motorcyclists, we generally like to think of ourselves as a breed apart. But Janne Uskali from Helsinki takes unconventional to another level. Janne is a fan of, shall we say, larger-capacity motorcycles. His first motorbike was a Z1300 Kawasaki and today he specialises in custom versions of the Boss Hoss, sporting a 350 cubic inch Chevy V8. So when you tire of your gutless, weedy S&S powered Harley you know who to call.

Check out Ultimate Motorcycling on the man known as Bomber # 1

World's weirdest concepts?

Weird Concept Motorcycle

Largely sourced from the ‘What were they thinking’ file, Cycle World has managed to concoct a look at some of the stranger motorcycle concepts of the recent past. Suzuki seems to play a disconcertingly prominent role, not least with the damningly named FalcoRustyco. A favourite is the Harley Davidson Café Racer Concept, which looks to have been knocked up by one of the factory’s cleaners in their tea break.

Cycle World reveals the bonkers, brilliant and banal

BMW launches maintenance-free chain

BMW's maintenance free chain

In what sounds like a dream come true, BMW has announced a chain that never needs oiling or adjusting over its service life and only the most basic of cleaning. Called the M Endurance chain, like normal X-ring chains it has permanent lubricant between the rollers and pins.  This is made possible by a ‘tetrahedrally amorphous carbon (ta-C) coating’, which is nearly as hard as diamond, doesn’t wear off and dramatically reduces friction. Count me in.

BMW’s press release on the M Endurance Chain

New Old Stock doesn't get any better

New Old Indian Motorcycles Stock

There’s always something cool about uncovering a NOS (New Old Stock) item lurking at the back of an old showroom. But for the boys at Wheels Through Time unpacking a crate from Indian Motorcycles dated around 1941 was a real treat. Nobody really knew what was inside until the top came off. For sure, it was a complete engine but the part number stencilled on the outside didn’t give anything else away. So, 80 years of mystery could only be solved with the final reveal.

Watch the unpack by Wheels Through Time

Happy 30th Birthday, Triumph

 Triumph Trident Design Concept

It was 30 years ago, at the Cologne Motorcycle Show (now known as Intermot), that the Triumph brand was reborn with a brand-new range of motorcycles. Slowly, the new Hinkley-based firm gained a following, and a reputation that shed the old bikes’ image as wheezing, leaky machines based on prewar technology. Today, of course, Triumph supplies the ‘package’ engines for Moto2 and has won worldwide respect. Their latest tease is the pictured Triumph Trident design concept, which we might see next year. So Happy Birthday it is, Triumph, and cheers

Triumph Motorcycles

Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Distinguished Gentleman's Ride image

September is DGR month all over the world and the 2020 event was scheduled for Sunday 27th. Supported by Triumph and in aid of men’s health, it’s an incredible spectacle. This year’s DGR will be slightly different, in deference to Covid restrictions, with riders encouraged to ‘ride solo, together’. Great prizes, too, including Triumph motorcycles. In fact, last year someone we know personally won use of a Thruxton for a month then went on to buy it off Triumph!

Distinguished Gentleman Ride New Zealand

Catch you in Motopaika Awareness Month

Level Rua (two)? Level Tahi (one)? Who knows? In any event, Ride Forever will be pressing on with Motopaika Awareness Month in Whiringa-aa-nuku (October), so stay tuned. And as the huarere (weather) improves it's an ideal time to book that Ride Forever course you've been thinking about... Karawhiua! (Go for it!). Get in now and you'll get more from your machine and your riding this Raumati (summer). Until next time, Kia haumaru too noho! (Stay Safe).