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Ride On - June 2020 Newsletter

By Mario

Winter or not, it's great to be out riding again isn't it? We've been on a bike tour around the far north and it was sensational. You can read a bit about that below, plus we've got an update on our cashback incentive, news that Yamaha might be considering turbo bikes, the latest on Intermot and a whole lot more besides. Hope you enjoy it!

Second year of cashback

Doesn't time fly? The two-year cashback pilot on your rego is about to roll over into its second year. Just to reiterate, the cashback incentive is open to riders who've held a full New Zealand Class 6 licence for five years or more and who have a current motorcycle registration. To qualify, you must have done two Ride Forever courses after June 2016 (one after June last year) and at least three months apart: either a Silver and Gold or two Golds. Details of how to claim below. Oh, and if you've successfully applied for your first $100 instalment during the last year there's no need to do anything for your second $100 instalment just yet.

We'll be in touch to confirm how to apply for your second payment when you become eligible (12 months after first successfully applying) - no need to apply again-just keep an eye on your inbox.
Motorcycle Rego Cashback Programme

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From the ground up: Jon's Journey

Jon from Ride Forever, on his BHS test

As you’d expect, our Ride Forever team has its fair share of motorcycle enthusiasts. But not all ride. As you might also expect, the bike-rider appeal to those non-riders in our team can be quite stirring! One who has taken up the challenge is one of our programme managers, Jon Booth - that’s him above giving it a go in heavy rain in Christchurch earlier this year.

Jon started riding in February, getting his 6L licence just before lockdown. Since lockdown, he’s taken on board the advice of those around him and doing things properly - he has bought all his riding safety gear, following the expert advice from Dr Chris Hurren of MotoCAP, and taken a lesson to refresh his skills.

His 2017 MT-03 arrives this week and he’ll be taking the next steps by getting himself onto a Ride Forever Urban course to get him road-ready. As Jon’s journey continues, we’ll be along for the ride as it should prove helpful for new riders and those interested in best practice for Motorcycle safety.

The best advice on gear

Why do they bother?

Every so often an outfit largely unconnected to motorcycling decides to do a motorcycle ‘concept’. And, almost without exception, they come to naught. At least this one, from luxury pen and watchmaker Montblanc, comes with the honest advice that it’s only ever going to be a concept. Also, why do they always look the same?

MontBlanc watchmakers' Motorcycle concept

The Montblanc Bike on the Yanko Design website

The open road is calling

The open road is calling

Top tip: get out there and enjoy some riding right now. One of our Ride Forever ambassadors, Mario recently enjoyed an organised trip around the far north, with Open Road Tours, and it was outstanding. The itinerary took in some fantastic back roads, but one of the most enjoyable things was the lack of traffic. With no overseas tourists crawling around hotspots like Cape Reinga, riding was bliss. And there are some great deals to be had right now on everything from tours to accommodation. Go on, treat yourself to some Ride Forever coaching then practice what you’ve learned on a roadie.

A few snippets on Instagram

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The 80s are back. Kind of

According to Autoblog, Yamaha is seriously invested in re-developing turbocharged power plants for motorcycles, in a bid to meet ever-stricter emissions targets. Turbo bikes were right up there with shoulder pads as an icon of the eighties, of course, and we know where that led: nowhere. Or up in a tree, if the power kicked in on a wet corner. The Honda CX500TC and the Yamaha XJ750LJ (pictured below) came and went. But modern turbocharging is a lot better, and widely used by the car industry. So maybe we will see the return of turbo bikes, but hopefully not A Flock Of Seagulls.

Yamaha XJ750LJ

Autoblog reports on Yamaha’s plans

Intermot cancelled

Europe’s biggest bike show, Intermot, is usually a showcase for loads of new model launches, like the Suzuki Katana above, announced in 2018. But not this year. The biennial show’s been canned due to the impact of Covid-19, along with events like the UK’s Motorcycle Live.

Intermot was scheduled for the 6th to 11th October in Cologne and the organisers describe themselves as “working full steam on a digital format.” Given the impact on manufacturers, there may be fewer new launches anyway. We’ll keep you posted.

More about Intermot 2020

Don't miss out on winning a Sign-Up, Pin-Up $3,000 Photoshoot

Remember, we have a fantastic prize draw for anyone taking any course between 14th May and 31st August called Sign Up, Pin Up. The grand prize is a professional photo shoot of you and your bike worth $3,000, including a ready-to-hang A1-size professional quality acrylic print of a chosen image. There are other monthly prizes too, ranging from gear and tyres to servicing and individualised coaching. Congratulations to our May monthly prize winners, Allan Whitfield and Paul Tayler!

 Sign Up, Pin Up competition

Check it out below and book your course now.

All the prizes and entry details of Sign Up, Pin Up

Until next time!

We hope we haven’t scrambled your brains with all the offers, prizes and deadlines this month, but between Sign Up, Pin Up photoshoot, monthly prizes and the cashback incentive…what are you waiting for? Book some coaching now and we’ll be in touch again next month. Until then, stay safe and have fun.