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Speed versus skill

By Mario

A survey of IAM members in the UK finds the majority respect skill over sheer speed, while advanced training increases the satisfaction and enjoyment they get from riding.

The BMF reports that a survey of over a thousand riders in the UK’s Institute of Advanced Motorists shows going fast does not mean you are a good rider.

Over eight in ten (83 per cent) have greater respect for other riders who are not as fast but have advanced skills. The survey also canvased opinions from those who’d undertaken the IAM’s ‘Skills for Life’ course, revealing increased confidence and pleasure in their riding according to IAM Chief Executive Simon Best. “Of those who have taken the IAM’s Skills for Life course, 88 per cent feel more in control of their bike and nine out of 10 (92 per cent) agree that the more advanced their skills have become, the more they have been able to enjoy the ride.”

Much of the Ride Forever training syllabus uses the same principles and skills as the IAM courses, and full-day training starts from just $20.