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Suspension guru Dave Moss announces NZ dates in February and March

By Mario

The US-based suspension and set-up legend is returning to New Zealand with a series of Test Days and Suspension Schools around the country.

If you’ve been to one of Dave’s events before, you’ll know just how inspiring and useful his input can be, for your road or track riding. If you haven’t, then you simply have to get along and experience it for yourself. The difference in riders and their machines between when they ride in and when they ride out is extraordinary.

You can learn more about Dave’s approach, including loads of free, easy-to-follow guidance, at

But nothing beats attending his seminars, suspension schools and test days. The preliminary schedule is printed below but you can find full details and keep up to date here.

Ride Forever is undertaking an exclusive workshop with Dave on the 5th of March, where we will be setting up a bike with an unusual twist. We’ll bring you a full report on that here at, after the workshop, with a detailed breakdown of what we did and how you can get the results you need to improve your bike.

Don’t miss that and make sure you get along to one of Dave’s session in the coming month:

Suspension schools:
February 26th 2015 at Taupo
February 27th 2015 at Ruapuna
March 6th 2015 at Pukekohe
Limit of 10 riders per school, cost $350. All day learning between classroom and on-track testing with debrief after every track session. To book, email directly:

 February 2015
9 Trevor Pierce Yamaha evening seminar 6-8pm
20 Test day at Ruapuna with trackside tuning to competitors
21 Ruapuna sound of thunder with trackside tuning
22 Ruapuna sound of thunder with trackside tuning
23 possible evening seminar (TBA) in Palmerston North
24 open
25 Taupo (possible evening track walk / class at Taupo)
26 Taupo test day / suspension school **
27 Ruapuna test day / suspension school ** and Evening event at First European
28 First European Dealership suspension tuning street ride

March 2015
1 Private event
2 open
3 AMC seminar
4 open
6 Test day at Pukekohe / suspension school **
7 Cycletreads seminars
8 Potential road ride suspension tuning session Auckland (8 riders)
9 Return to US from Christchurch @ 6.20am

 **Details of the Suspension School format are here.