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The importance of a helmet

By Mario

News item brings great reminder

You might’ve read an item in the news recently “Helmet saves rider in head-on”.
The report says that the full-faced helmet he was wearing most likely saved him from a serious or fatal head injury.  A great reminder of the importance of wearing a good helmet.

As we have mentioned in other areas of this website, helmet choice is a big deal, perhaps the biggest of all among the gear you’ll buy. If you can get used to wearing a full-face, you’ll be doing yourself a massive favour. The front of your head is highly likely to meet the tarmac in a crash, with obvious consequences.

Here are some things to remember:

  • never buy a second-hand helmet. It may have damage you can’t see 
  • helmets don’t last a lifetime. You need to replace them every three to five years
  • after a crash or a drop on a hard surface throw it away and buy a new one
  • pillions need correctly fitting helmets too.

Great advice about helmets can be found in our How To section

And if you haven’t seen it before, here is a great article on why you should wear a full-face helmet