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The options list. What’s missing?

By Mario

A debate is continuing on social media about factory options. But are the contributors somewhat missing the point?

A debate on the ‘Motorcycle Enthusiasts’ group on LinkedIn caught our attention recently. The thread was started by a poster asking ‘What do you think should come with every motorcycle or be a factory option?’ (The link is here for anyone who’s a member of the group, or you can join if you are on LinkedIn.)

With a predominance of North Americans, some of the suggestions inevitably hovered around customising one’s Harley. Others seemed ignorant of more recent developments on bikes and quite how widespread they are.

One concern is that several respondents talked about adjustable controls, when almost all bikes have some degree of adjustability available. There was no mention of ergonomic adjustments they might already have done, so it’s hard to know if their issues are genuine.

If you think your bike’s controls and suspension could be better, check out the interview and seminar we did with Dave Moss, here. Or go to for free, practical advice on setting your bike up.

As for our ideas on what should be fitted or factory options, how about:

  • Electronic chain tension and alignment warning. Should be easy to establish sensors on each side of the swing arm to check the axle blocks are in alignment. And one on the front sprocket shaft could show if a chain is grossly over-tightened or has a tight spot
  • Every bike should have the angled valve stems Triumph fit
  • Huggers should be standard, not optional. It’s essential protection for the shock
  • Tyre pressure sensors linked to the suspension management system, to reduce the effect of incorrect pressures
  • Seats that don’t slide you forward into the tank. Ouch.

What are your ideas for factory options or what should be standard on your bike? Tell us here.