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The value of motorcycling

By Mario

A report by the UK’s Motorcycle Industry Association has calculated the value of the ‘bike industry to Britain’s economy. The results are astonishing.

How big do you think the motorcycle industry is in the UK? Sure, Triumph is quite a big firm and there are a bunch of specialists, like Metisse, CCM and Norton, too. But would you believe that it employs more people than either pharmaceutical or textile manufacturing? That it is worth more in added value than the Call Centre industry, or PR and Communications?

A recent report by the UK’s Motorcycle Industry Association totted up the numbers and found that motorcycling accounts for £5.2bn in sales, creating over £2bn in added value. It directly employs 58,500 people, with another 16,400 jobs created in industries it purchases from and a further 13,200 jobs related to motorcycle tourism.

You could say it’s the industry blowing its own trumpet, but someone has to: other industries promote their importance and value to the economy. It would be interesting to know what the figures are here. Obviously we don’t have a manufacturer like Triumph, but there are plenty employed in sales, servicing and specialist engineering.

You can read the UK report’s findings on the MCIA website here.