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This is worth watching

By Mario

The UK’s ‘Think Biker’ team has made a web series following WSBK rider (and 2011 WSS champion) learning to ride on the road. It also stars comedian Alan Davies.

The ‘Think Biker’ campaign in the UK usually comes up with some pretty good stuff. This time, they’ve created a series of ‘webisodes’ following Welsh bike racer Chas Davies learning to ride on the road. Despite racing bikes since age six, the former World Supersport Champion had never passed his test.

Apart from the interest in seeing how Chas adapts it promises to be highly entertaining, with constant banter from funny-man Alan Davies (QI and Jonathan Creek).

Check out the first, three-and-a-half minute film on Youtube here. And if it puts you in the mood for some advanced training yourself, click through to the Ride Forever Training page here.

screenshot of video