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Top 10 Christmas gifts for riders

Got a rider in your life and wondering what to get them for Christmas? Would you like some ideas to give others as a gift for yourself? Get some inspiration right here.

One great thing about having a passion like motorcycling is that it opens up a whole lot of possibilities for gift ideas, be it Christmas or birthday. Sometimes, though, it can be hard to think of exactly what to get. So we’ve put together some suggestions that just might hit the target.

Riding hoodie

Image of riding jacket

Not long ago a protective top was a jacket, and that’s that. But new styles of urban streetwear with varying levels of protection have become all the rage. The genesis was probably among the street rod, rat bike and modern-day café racer scenes, but the end result is a range of hoodies, shirts and trad-looking tops that offer a mix of abrasion resistance and armour.

 As with any motorcycle gear, your first stop should be MotoCAP. The ones they’ve tested are listed under Streetwear within the Jackets category, and a good read of the results will arm you with some knowledge to judge other as-yet-untested options.

 These sort of garments do not of course offer a high level of protection, but they are much better than just wearing normal clothing. For that quick trip around the corner to the shops or the gym, say, they’re convenient and offer some peace of mind. Certainly more than wearing normal clothing.

New helmet

Image of motorcycle helmet

There are too many people out there riding with helmets that are long past their use-by date. With average use a helmet might last five years while still offering close to peak protection. After that, a combination of sweat infusing the liners, UV rays affecting the shell and wear affecting the straps usually means it’s time to replace it. Under very heavy use you’d say it’s three years.

The only tricky thing about a helmet is fit is absolutely crucial, meaning it has to be tried on in store under advice from staff. So a surprise under the Christmas tree might not be possible unless you’re buying like-for-like perhaps with new graphics.

Cleaning kit

Image of motorbike cleaning kit

Every bike needs cleaning and basic maintenance, so it’s hard to go wrong with a selection of appropriate goodies. Start with some bike cleaner, add in some polish, maybe a cleaning mitt and some microfibre cloths. Even more essential is some chain cleaner and chain lube, and a chain cleaning brush if needed. There are also things like special surfaces cleaners and metal polishes, and cleaners designed for riding gear.

Unlike something like a new helmet, prezzies in this are don’t have to be expensive but you could also put an impressive pack together.

Ride Forever course


Image of motorcyclists at a Ride Forever course

With choices ranging from the four-hour Urban/Commuter course, through full-day Bronze, Silver and Gold coaching, (and with our special Christmas promotion, all of them are just $20!) there’s a Ride Forever option for everyone. As a gift for yourself you can look forward to something that many participants have described as their best day’s riding ever, and an ongoing source of pleasure in getting more out of every ride.

It’s the perfect gift for the rider who has everything. And to sweeten the deal, everyone who books and completes a Ride Forever course with their Christmas voucher before 30 April 2022 will go into the draw to win one of four $500 gear vouchers. Could this Christmas get any better?

 Be quick, our great deal is available until Christmas Day!


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Track Day

Image of four motorcyclists on a racetrack

Nothing beats a Ride Forever course for learning road-relevant skills. But Track Days are also a great way to hone machine-control skills and confidence. Many of the Ride Forever training providers host Track Days, so starting out as a course participant will put you in pole position for an invitation. You’ll generally also get useful advice and tips throughout the day to improve your skills.

Prices are a little higher than Ride Forever’s heavily-subsidised coaching, of course. But the smile on your face at the end of the day? That’s priceless.

Luggage options

Image of luggage options on a motorbike

There’s no single, perfect option to carrying stuff on a motorcycle. If all you’ve got is a phone, wallet and sunnies, you don’t want them sliding around in a top box. Tank bags are useful but they can sometimes limit upper-body movement and hence control. A neat tailpack won’t carry what you need for a weekend away.

The good news is this equals gift options! There are all sorts of luggage formats available, so even if you’ve got one adding another is always useful.

Smart bar for electronics

Image of motorbike dashboard with GPS and cellphone

Accessing things like Sat-Navs or Smartphones is really handy but there’s not a lot of space to mount them on a motorcycle. There are, however, solutions like the ‘Smart Bar’ that allows a number of accessories to be within reach but out of the way of all the other stuff on the handlebars.

Neat eh?


Close up image of a motorcyclist's boots

Footwear is another of those areas where no one pair will fit every need. When you consider that injuries to the leg and foot are the most common in any crash, a good pair of protective boots is a great gift. Full length style are best for protection: look for shin, ankle and heel armour and secure closures.

Alternatively, if what’s missing is something for short trips that doesn’t look like it came from a Star Wars stormtrooper, there are now plenty of casual-style boots that offer a measure of protection while looking like ordinary ankle boots. Look for protective heel and toe cups, a steel shank in the sole, ankle protection and, again, a secure closure.

A gift for the bike

Close-up image of the back of a motorbike

Buying gear for someone, and keeping it a surprise, can be tricky. Fit is all-important. But buying something for the bike is often easier, because it will usually be specified for a particular model. Things that will nearly always be welcome, and you can check whether they’re already in place, are tank protector pads, paddock stand bobbins and crash sliders.

A couple of other ideas in the same vein are a bike cover and a motorcycle puncture repair kit. The latter, especially, is one of those items that not many riders carry but once it’s needed you’ll never be without it again.

Branded t-shirt

Image of a man wearing a 'Triumph Motorcycles' hoodie

Everybody needs a T-shirt, and riders are invariably proud of the bike they ride. So a T-shirt, sweatshirt or other garment corresponding to the marque or the model is a no-brainer.

You’re welcome!