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Weather warning: crashy, with a chance of rain.

By Mario

The clocks, the weather, and the riding conditions: they all change in autumn. Here’s a few timely reminders of what could be in store.

It can seem as if summer goes on forever. Then, suddenly, it’s all change. The clocks go back, a weather front comes in and the Golden Weather slips over the horizon until spring.

The change in seasons certainly caught out a number of drivers in Dunedin last weekend, some in spectacular style. Check out those pictures and consider the consequences of getting caught up in it. Not pretty.

Luckily, there are lots of ways you can improve your chances as the seasons change. Start with the information on the main website here.

The two big things to watch out for in autumn are issues with grip and glare. The roads are going to be wetter and, with little rain over summer, they will be really treacherous. So allow an extra margin and take corners nice and slowly. Once the sun does come out, it’s neither as strong nor as high in the sky as over summer. So watch out for damp patches under trees or in the shade of anything roadside.

Glare or sunstrike can be an absolute killer at this time of year. Low sun angles glancing off a wet road surface can be completely blinding. Polarised sunnies under a clear, scratch-free visor can help a lot. If you do get blinded, hopefully you’ve been planning your riding ahead. So don’t do anything radical. Just slow down and look for clues to what’s going on out of the direct line of the sun. Keep slowing until you’re confident that you’re riding the right line or you get out of the sunstrike.

Keep in mind while you’re riding that the change of seasons is a dangerous time and, if you’ve got a tip on riding through it, let us know.