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What’s going wrong in the Bay?

By Mario

According to news reports, there has been a 56% increase in motorcyclists hospitalised after accidents in the Bay of Plenty this year.

Some alarming news from The Bay of Plenty Times. Hospital admissions in Whakatane and Tauranga from motorcycle accidents are ‘up 56% year-on-year’. In raw numbers, however, the leap is from 32 to 50, so using percentages and drawing statistical conclusions is not really appropriate on such a small sample.

Still, the results are a concern. Especially since “16 per cent” (eight) of those riders were not wearing helmets.

The Bay’s admissions of motorcyclists as a proportion of road traffic are four times the national average. Nearly a third of traffic accident patients there have been riders and the numbers have been increasing each year since monitoring began in 2011.

There’s clearly something dangerous going on in the Bay of Plenty, and it’s hard to deduce what. One frightening number from the Trauma Service Specialist Nurse, Katrina O’Leary, was that “almost a third of motorcycle accidents were due to driver error of oncoming cars.”

Keep ‘em peeled if you’re riding in the Bay this summer.