Burt Munro Challenge

The Ride Forever team had a presence at nearly every event and enjoyed being able to talk to riders about training, bikes, gear and more.

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Buy a Used Bike

Buy a dodgy used car and you probably end up with a lemon. Buy a dodgy used bike and you quite likely end up with a deathtrap. So it’s essential to keep your eyes open and inspect carefully.

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Maintaining your Chain

It’s a finely crafted, highly tuned piece of precision engineering that you’ve spent good money on. And your life depends on it. So it makes sense to look after your machine well.

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Looking after your Gear

Money spent on good gear is never wasted. Unless you fail to look after it that is. Here’s the rundown on how to look after your gear so it continues to look after you.

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Riding in groups

Riding in groups can be fun, but it does have its downsides. Advantages include road presence and having others around if anything goes wrong.

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Motorcycle licensing

Getting your licence in New Zealand is a three-step process. The current scheme is this

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Southern Coromandel Loop

Safer Journeys has launched a motorcycle safety pilot called Safer Rides – Southern Coromandel. The pilot will trial and monitor a series of safety improvements aimed at reducing the number and severity of motorcycle crashes along the route.

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The options list. What’s missing?

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Weather warning: crashy, with a chance of rain.

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That’s a LEARNER bike?