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On-Road Coaching

The only nationally available, certified rider coaching in New Zealand, delivered by experts and available from just $20.

COVID traffic lights system

With the new traffic lights system (Covid-19 Protection Framework) now live, the good news is that Ride Forever on-road coaching can go ahead at all settings.

At Red and Orange – Ride Forever coaching can go ahead with My Vaccine Pass requirements, and with all attendees wearing face masks and adhering to social distancing.

At Green – Ride Forever coaching can go ahead without My Vaccine Pass, but face masks and social distancing are needed. If all attendees have a My Vaccine Pass, then Ride Forever coaching can go ahead without restrictions.

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Search or browse for your local traffic light setting. 

Traffic lights map

We will follow the Government guidelines for social distancing, hygiene, and contact tracing during courses. If you're feeling unwell on the day, please do not attend your course and follow the Ministry of Health guidelines.

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On-road coaching

While each course delivers important skills on its own, the full complement is designed to help you progress to a higher level. So, if you start at Urban/Commuter or Bronze, you can advance through Silver to Gold level, taking a maximum of two courses per year along the way (only one Gold course is permitted each year).

Once there, you can continue to take a Gold refresher course each year.From learning how to keep yourself safe on the daily commute to honing the most advanced riding techniques, there's a Ride Forever course to suit your needs. Ride Forever courses also support NZTA's Competency-based Training and Assessment requirements for licensing.   

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Taking a Ride Forever coaching isn't just a smart thing to do: it's a fun thing to do, and delivers a huge sense of achievement. Since we started, over 6,000 riders have enjoyed Ride Forever coaching. Let us know about the experience and the skills it gave you.