On-Road Coaching

The only nationally-available, certified rider coaching in New Zealand, delivered by experts and available from just $20.

From learning how to keep yourself safe on the daily commute to honing the most advanced riding techniques, there’s a Ride Forever course to suit your needs. Ride Forever courses also supports NZTA’s Competency-based Training and Assessment requirements for licensing.

Discounts and reimbursements 

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Discounts and reimbursements

Completing a Ride Forever course will qualify you for a discount or reimbursement with many companies: 

  • Several insurance companies, such as Star, Protecta, Golightly and Swann, offer a range of discounts, reimbursements and other benefits for completing a Ride Forever course. Ask your insurance provider what they offer.

  • Aon insurance offers nil excess for one claim within a 12 month period.
  • VTNZ offer $5 off your next WoF.

  • ULYSSES offers part reimbursement of the course fee, as do a number of other clubs. Ask your club committee members for details.

  • A number of motorcycle retail outlets offer a refund of the cost. Ask in store.