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Motorcycle Rego Cashback programme

Great news! We have extended the programme until 30 June 2025. We offer experienced riders, who are eligible, $200 Cashback on their motorcycle rego.

About the Motorcycle Rego Cashback programme

We’ll pay this Cashback in two $100 instalments over two years. New applications opened on 1 July 2023. If you’re eligible, you can apply for your first $100 instalment when you’ve completed the required Ride Forever Gold course.

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You’ll receive your second $100 instalment 12 months after the first payment. We’ll let you know when you can apply for your second payment. 

This Cashback offer ends on 30th June 2025.

Eligibility for the Cashback

To be eligible for the Cashback, you must:

  • complete one Gold Ride Forever Course from 1 July 2023 before you can apply
  • live in New Zealand
  • have held a full New Zealand class 6 licence for two or more years
  • only apply for Cashback once every 2 years
  • complete the online application form
  • upload a photo of your current registration label.

The Cashback offer is per rider, not per motorcycle. So, you can only apply for this Cashback every two years, no matter how many motorcycles you own. 

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Cashback programme

Eligible for Cashback? Take the sting out of your registration and apply today.

Applying for Cashback

Applying for the first Cashback

To apply for your first Cashback:

  1. Check that you’re eligible.
  2. Complete the online application form and provide:
    • your name
    • date of birth
    • New Zealand driver licence number
    • contact details
    • a photo of your motorcycle registration label
    • the New Zealand bank account number you want the Cashback paid into.
  3. Submit the online application form.

We’ll process your application, checking it against training data from Ride Forever course providers. If you meet the criteria, we’ll transfer the $100 into your bank account within two months after your application date. It can take the full two months before you get paid.

If we have any problems with your application, we’ll get in touch:

Email: rideforevercashback@acc.co.nz 

Receiving your second Cashback

You'll be eligible for the second Cashback 12 months after receiving the first $100 Cashback. You don’t need to complete another Ride Forever Gold course during the second year to qualify.

When you’re eligible to request your second Cashback, we’ll email you a reminder to apply for your second Cashback. 

Please contact us if you change your contact details between first and second applications.

You must:

  1. Complete the online application form. We’ll ask you to provide updated details from your first Cashback application.
  2. Submit the online application form.

We’ll process your application. If you meet the criteria, we’ll transfer the second $100 payment into your bank account by the end of the second month after your application.

If we have any problems with your application, we’ll get in touch with you.

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More information


If you have questions about the Cashback programme, check our FAQs.

Cashback frequently asked questions 


By applying for the Cashback, you agree to the terms and conditions of the Cashback programme:

Cashback terms and conditions

Contact us

Email us if you have questions or need more information:

Email: rideforevercashback@acc.co.nz

Apply for the cashback now