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Group of riders and Ride Forever instructor practicing cornering

Come Ride with Me

On the fence about on road coaching? Join three riders and their instructors as they show you the value of completing a Bronze, Silver and Gold Ride Forever course.

Come Ride with Me

The Come Ride with Me video series follows the journey of three riders as they undertake their Bronze, Silver and Gold Ride Forever course.

Join Bex, Keiran and Gerrit on their journey to undertake and complete a Ride Forever course. From their motivations to sign up to their post course reflections, let them and their instructors show you what Ride Forever coaching is all about.

Bex’s story: Bex builds a strong foundation of riding skills with her Bronze course

Ride Forever’s Bronze course is the foundation of great riding skills. In this video, mother-of-four Bex explains her motivation for doing the course was to be adventurous but to stay safe. As we ride with her during a whole day's coaching we see how her skills are honed and her confidence is boosted. By the end, Bex really feels in charge of her bike, with a new level of ability that she knows will last a lifetime.

Keiran’s story: Silver proves perfect for Keiran to hone his cornering and braking skills

Although young, having grown up on two wheels Keiran aims to grow old on two wheels. He selected a Ride Fever Silver course to hone his skills and raise his overall ability as a road rider. Riding along with Keiran on his course day we see how he gets to test his cornering and braking technique, with expert input helping raise his game.

Gerrit’s story: What keeps experienced, Gold-level rider Gerrit coming back for more?

With 36 years of riding experience under his belt, Gerrit used the Bronze and Silver Ride Forever courses to ensure he hadn’t picked up any bad habits, and to hone his skills. Having progressed right through to Gold, he explains why he keeps coming back for more. Seeing value in every level of Ride Forever coaching, Gerrit makes it clear why even a rider of his long experience gets something out of it every time.

The instructors: The inside line on Ride Forever coaching, from those who know it best: instructors Peter, Kevin and Jared

In this video we ride with the best: Peter, Kevin and Jared, three of Ride Forever’s top riding instructors. Explaining how the structure of Ride Forever’s coaching programme works, they detail who each course is for and what you’ll get out of it. Jared explains how and why the coaching eases riders through their licensing. Kevin runs through the ways Silver stretches riders and improves their skill base. And Peter describes what a rider gets out of Gold.

About the series

Told by riders for riders, the series aims to give motorcyclists a real sense of what Ride Forever coaching is all about. Including why it might be right for them and what they can expect to get out of it.

We know from research that motorcyclists are overrepresented in crashes. They are 21 times more likely to be killed or injured on our roads than car drivers, for the same distance travelled. This needs to change and that is why we are committed to improving motorcycle rider skills through our Ride Forever programme.  

Delivered by our team of excellent instructors, Ride Forever courses impart practical riding skills that make a difference. Riders who have taken one are 50% less likely to lodge a motorcycle accident claim with ACC than those who haven’t.

Knowing the impact Ride Forever coaching has, the Come Ride with Me video series aims to help riders see the value of signing up as told through the experience of other riders and their instructors.