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Video transcript for Bex's story Bex’s story: Building a strong foundation on the Bronze course

Music Playing

(Motorcyclist riding around corner. Cuts to wide view of motorbike riding around corner quickly. Cuts to motorbike riding into camera. Cuts to motorcyclist riding around corner. Cuts to group of motorcyclists following each other around a corner. Cuts to group of motorcyclists riding in the rain. Cuts to motorcyclist straightening up after coming through a bend. Cuts to motorcyclist riding at night with headlights on. Goes to black screen, text appears “Come Ride With Me – Bex’s Story”. Crosses into motorcyclist riding across frame, Auckland SkyTower is in the background. Cuts to motorcyclist riding through city.)

Person 1: For me, I’ve got four children, and it’s really important to me that I’m doing everything as safely as I can.

(Cuts to view of woman talking to camera. Text on bottom left reads, “Bex. Bronze certified rider”. Cuts to Bex putting on her helmet and gloves. Cuts to motorcyclist riding through the city towards camera. Cuts to Bex talking to camera. Moves to view of Bex riding through suburb.)

Person 1: I’ve bought the best safety gear. I’m trying to learn as much as I can about riding so that I have the right techniques, so I want to ride and be adventurous but not be reckless and come home safely.

(Cuts to view of Ride Forever presentation. Cuts to view of classroom of people in motorcycle jackets sitting and listening. Cuts to view of Bex talking to the group.)

Person 1: Yeah and I just want to learn as much as possible. So the more I can learn the more confidence I’ll have and the better rider I’ll be.

(Cuts to Bex talking to camera. Cuts back to classroom and group having a discussion. Cuts to different view of Bex in the classroom, cuts to view of group.)

Person 1: One of the things I learned from the classroom was actually just that having a group of other riders to share stories with. So hearing about others journey to riding was a really neat way to start the day, kind of bond with the group that you’re going to go out with for the day.

(Cuts to Bex talking to camera.) 

Person 1: Yeah, I’m going to keep in touch with people from the course and hopefully keep riding with them, keep learning.

(Cuts to course instructor talking to group. Cuts to group listening. Cuts to close up of Bex in helmet listening.)

Person 2: So we’re going to go straight into our emergency stop and the key is being smooth.

(Cuts to view of motorcyclist riding forward, mentor is indicating them to stop. Motorcyclist emergency stops.)

Person 1: The emergency braking was awesome, actually.

(Instructor goes over to talk to the rider.)

Person 2: So you actually felt that dive down at the end?

(Cuts to Bex talking to camera. Cuts to instructor talking to Bex after stop trial.)

Person 1: So over progressive braking trials, my stopping distance got shorter and shorter until I realised what actually is the limit of my bike for me to stop safely. 

(Cuts to Bex sitting on bike talking to instructor.)

Person 1: I think I’m holding back a little bit.

Person 2: You are.

(Cuts to Bex talking to camera. Cuts to view of instructor demonstrating tight cornering. Cuts to Bex talking to camera. Cuts to view of Bex turning into and towards camera, practicing cornering.)

Person 1: I really loved the tight cornering exercise. You know, her could spin on a dime and like, when I look at a space I’m like, I’m going to need this entire car park to turn my bike. So being able to practice that in a car park and have the instructor talk you through, fantastic for building my skills in turning.

(Cuts to Bex talking to camera. Cuts to group of motorcyclists riding around corner, and camera pans to follow Bex riding. Cuts to close up view of Bex riding. Cuts to view of group riding towards camera. Cuts to view of riders riding away from camera. Cuts to Bex riding into camera.)

Person 1: The Ride Forever Bronze course, it gives you the opportunity to have that one-on-one coaching that just takes your competency to the next level, like 10 times more confident. So much better because they’re literally in your ear talking to you while you’re riding. So you’re getting real-time advice on what you should be doing.

(Cuts to Bex talking to camera. Cuts to Bex riding across frame. Cuts to Bex and group riding into camera around corner.)

Person 1: So practicing the cornering on the open roads really took me from my bike riding me and me slightly leaning back to having the confidence to know what to do in the corner to actually being in control of my bike.

(Cuts to Bex talking to instructor, group listening.)

Person 1: Before when I was going around the corner, literally the bike was in charge and I was just like, “Oh, what’s happening?” But now I feel like I’m in control.

(Cuts to Bex talking to camera. Cuts to aerial view of Bex riding through town. Bex riding across camera. Cuts to camera following alongside Bex riding through town. Cuts to Bex riding across frame. Cuts to Bex riding into camera, zooms in. Cuts to Bex talking to camera)

Person 1: You can ride your bike every day, but guaranteed, little things that I’ve been doing, not checking things that I should be, and all of those things present little risks, and you don’t want to live with those risks. You need to keep yourself fresh, keep your skills up so that you’re increasing your ability to ride safely your whole life.

(Cuts to black screen. Text appears “Sign up now. RideForever.co.nz.)