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Video transcript for Right turn across a lane of traffic - Sport/Performance Right turn across a lane of traffic - Sport/Performance

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(Black and white image of bike waiting to turn right with oncoming traffic. Text on screen “Road positioning. Right turn across a lane of traffic into a side road.” Graphic of intersection, motorcycle waiting to turn right into a side road, car driving straight behind bike, car on opposite side of the road driving straight.)

Person one: Heres a tricky one: turning right across traffic. Youve got traffic all around, including behind you to deal with. Lets run through it.

(Drone shot of bike riding straight with car driving behind. Changes to shot of motorcycle driving into camera. Text appears on bottom of screen “Communicate your intent to turn right clearly and well in advance.” Shot changes to back of bike, brake light comes on. Text changes to “Select the correct road position to see and be seen.” Changes to shot of intersection with bike waiting to turn, oncoming car driving straight. Text disappears. Changes to perspective of the motorcyclist as they approach intersection, they scan both side streets. Text appears “Remember to be vigilant and scan your surrounding for hazards.” Changes to aerial view of bike waiting to turn with oncoming car driving straight. A different car drives behind bike. Changes to rear view of waiting bike and following car. Change to front view of bike, and motorcyclist scanning road.)

Check your mirrors to see how close any following vehicle is.

Start indicating that you intend to turn right at least three seconds before the intersection.

Move across to the outside of your land and use your brakes to slow down.

Use your mirrors so you are aware of whats going on around you.

As you approach the intersection scan the road for oncoming traffic, as well at the road youre turning into.

Stop at the top of the intersection, ensuring you are out of the main traffic flow.

Keep scanning for oncoming traffic as well as the road youre turning into.

Once theres a safe gap, and youre sure the road youre turning into is clear, do a head check to the right before you move off.

(View of intersection as motorcyclist turns right.)

Do the right things, in the right order, and youre good to go.

As you make the turn, keep checking that all is clear.

(Aerial shot of bike waiting to turn right at intersection. Text on screen “Remember… use mirrors to check the traffic behind you, scan your environment for hazards ahead and complete head checks as you move off.”)

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